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  • Hi Everyone,
    I want to buy some T-shirts and put on a iron-on type of picture and message. I want the picture to be of Jesus Christ on the Cross and below it will say "When Jesus was on the cross YOU were on His mind" Another one : a picture of Jesus Christ (a bust type picture) and this underneath "Do YOU know me?
    Can anyone give me a name of a place where I can get this type of iron-on? Maybe someone knows how I could make it up myself and iron it on. I want to give these out to children and people who I meet in campgrounds after witnessing to them,with a track.
    Can you help?
    God Bless,
  • Office supply stores and Meijer carry ink jet printer iron on pages. Anything you can construct in your computer can be printed on them, but you must be able to reverse the image if there is printing or it will be backwards, and they only work with inkjet printers. The cost is under $2 each. You have to launder them gently, but they work!
  • I've purchased the iron-on decal sheets. The challenging part is to get them on the shirt well. I'm a very experienced crafter and I had a horrible time. Next time, it's off to Kinko's for me!
  • Best Buy has iron on transfers for white or dark colored shirts.

    It is not too expensive. Just follow the directions carefully, especially if you are using words - be sure to "mirror" them.

    Good luck and most of all HAVE FUN!
  • I have a question.... Does anyone know where to find rompers to decorate (inexpensively) and t-sghirts at a reasonable price???? Even a website. I tried looking and have only found business that only sell to businesses. Thank you for any replies!!!
  • Michael's should have them. They go on sale periodically, stock up then.
  • Michaels sells rompers, also??? I want to make some cute ones for my nieces for Xmas!!!
  • Check in the area where the have the t-shirts, etc. near the fabric paint. They actually have a pretty good selection of stuff to decorate.
  • Thank you for the info!!!!!!!!
  • Iron on
    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has heard of or may have the directions for using freezer wrap to print stuff on off of the computer and then iron it on to t-shirts etc.... I heard this mentioned but was never able to get the directions. Thanks a bunch.