Painting miniature houses

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  • ajrsmom,

    I owe you some thanks, too, for your suggestion about how to begin a thread on miniature houses.
    By now, you may have seen I am on as the thread-starter, and thanks to Sue and Amanda, who both helped me in their ways. I didn't mean to neglect you. I just got tied up in some things, so am late.--Sorry.

  • Oh dont worry, I didnt feel neglected at all. Im glad to see the new topic and hope you get many responders. Im excited about seeing your pics too.

    When we get settled into a place for a while, I would love to have a collection like this to set out..especially at Christmas.

    Sounds like you really enjoy your projects ! Are you selling them at craft shows and places or are you just making them for home ?

  • Hi ajrsmom,

    I made them to keep. When working I did paint a few for a co-worker who insisted on paying me. I never felt right about that, though. I would not do that again.

    When I am through with them they will go to my kids--if they would like to have them.

    It will be a little while before I get the pictures, as I just began a new roll of film, with 24 exposures.

  • I forgot to mention a couple things. One is that some people put yellow plastic on the inside of the houses so when lights are on it makes itlook more normal. Since I use the multi-colord small lights, the colors probably wouldn't show up well. I like them as is.

    Another thing is that I choose color combinations which are not the dark colors one sees on those in stores. I like them in the stores, but when I tried to use that many dark colors on one building, somehow, it didn't look just right to me. ---Maybe there is something wrong with me, as I really do like them when I see them. Oh well! --Who's perfect!! LOL.

  • Happy for Grandma!
    Hi, just dropped in and found that you have a new following! I have to tell everyone that I have quite a few of the houses that my grandma has painted. I have two favorites out of all of them. One is a for Halloween. It is GREAT! I have it out every Halloween. I also especially love one of the Christmas houses that has very nice shade of pink for the roof. She also gave me a village with lights that goes on my entertainment center every Christmas! My daughter likes to arrange the different town buildings every year.


  • Hi Dawn,

    I am glad you enjoy the houses, and the pumpkin. I had forgotten about the houses. I never have seen a pumpkin again, but if I do, I will buy it. I loved those little figures inside. They were so cute. Possibly at Hallowe'en there might be some plaster things out, and I'll pick them up. Isn't it odd--this is the only craft thing I ever got into. Your mom, now, is different, and I just wish she had shown that interest in crafts when she was younger. I'd have been happy to get her some things to occupy her time. She was such a loner then. --Not that I didn't understand why. Glad, too, that Rachel likes them.

    Haven't heard from you for awhile 'til now.

    TTFN. Love, Grandma
  • House Pictures

    Hi Amanda--

    I found some snaps of my houses taken two years ago Christmas, and feel they would be more suitable to send you than those I just got back, if you are interested. The others are too light to see much.
    If you would like them let me know where to send them, please. I will enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for their return.

  • Marilyn I love your thread on these cute houses. I have seen them in Michles and thought about trying them some time but I always seem to have something else that needs to be done.

    I will be visiting this thread often - waiting to seee the pictures of your houses.

  • I didn't get lost!

    I was just checking various forums, when I came to this again, and wanted to say I did not forget about pictures of houses. Ever since joining FC, I have not found time to do any painting, although I did try one time last October.

    I became so interested in all FC has to offer, I ended up putting all the paints, and houses away again. I just couldn't find time to do both at the same time, and the snaps I took did not turn out well enough to send to anyone.

    The flash of my camera goes off with each picture, and it made too much light. No matter what I tried, all snaps came out too light to see any details. I'll try another way sometime, but so far I have umpteen snaps which all came out the same way--too light.

    At the present time I am painting rooms in our house, and even gardening is taking a back seat until I finish.~~~Poor yard!!