Do you like folded paper stars?

  • How to fold paper stars.

    101 Days of Christmas: Paper Star Ornaments | Christmas Your Way


  • I like these stars. They remind me of the German ribbon stars or bows I made a while back. I dipped them in hot scented wax and gave them as gifts for the tree. I want to make them again but forgot how. L These stars would due nicely as no one has seen them yet. Thanks for posting them
  • Those are beautiful, Sharon and I for one would LOVE to learn the art of paper folding! The stars are just lovely. Thank you for sharing the picture and the link to them.
    Hugs, Paula
  • oh I so want to make these for next christmas and I love to do all kinds of paper folding also love learning 3d origami here is a great paper site too

    Origami Maniacs

    Origami Spirit, video instructions and origami resources by Leyla Torres

    they also have all kinds of stars
  • This rocks! Got to give this one a try at Christmas!
  • Love these. I have been trying to learn some oragami but don't understand some of the instructions.