Sewing Lap Robes & Aprons

  • I have lots of hobbies but the two I like best are sewing and reading good books. I like making lap robes for charity and for old folks in wheelchairs or just anyone who needs one to stay warm. They are simple to make. Just cut out two pieces of fabric that match the size you want your lap robe to be. Lay the two pieces right sides together. Then using a mattress pad or quilt batting or a flannel sheet cut one same size as your fabric pieces and lay on top of the wrong side of fabric pieces and pin them all together. On one side measure a place to leave a 4 or 5 inch opening and place pins on each side of opening to remind you to stop before sewing it closed. Start sewing on that side next to the pin marked opening, be sure to reverse a bit to lock stitching. Then sew around the fabric piece about 3/4" from edge. Sew around until you meet up with the pinned opening on side you started on. Stop and reverse to lock stitching, then go forward to pin again. Remove from machine. Trim corners and any thick spots of padding. Go to the opening, reach inside between the fabric pieces and turn inside out. Fold in the edges of opening in line with the seam and handsew closed. You might want to use colored thread or yarn to place tied tacks here and there to hold the parts together. Have any questions ask me I will do my best to help.
  • Sandy

    Thank you for sharing, this is a great idea especially as we come up on Christmas time. Older people are difficult to buy for sometimes but this is something that but older women and men could use.

  • Really nice gift for anyone in a nursing home. Thank you.
  • You can make the aprons the same way. Cut out fabric pattern, two different materials. add some padding. Sew it the same way leaving openings for apron ties, like two at the top and one on each side, and one at bottom of apron to turn it, like the lap robe. Turn then add apron ties. I usually tack around parts of apron to hold it together better. You can even at small buttons for decoration and make pot holders to match.
  • cool! I am going to do a reversible apron.


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