One-Stroke Painting

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  • I've been wanting to do Tole painting for a long time, but never actually committed to it. Recently I decided to give painting a try and decided on a fairly newer technique called one-stroke. I've bought charts to help with the painting strokes and a video as well as books with patterns. I absolutely love it!! Some of the strokes are fairly easy but some definetely take some pratice.

    Has anyone else tried this technique? If so how is it going so far?

    Happy Painting...........
  • Hi gardngal,

    I am very new to One Stroke. I drove 90 miles for 2 days to take a class, but everyone else in the class knew what they were doing because they had already taken classes, or were already artists. I got so frustrated!! I skipped the final two days because I got so tense that I would shake really badly. I always felt that my questions were so elementary that everyone else was looking down on me. Before the instructor could answer my question someone else would as a more advanced question, and I was left in the dust. I have all the videos, books, and work sheets, but the experience was so bad that I start tensing up when I even think about it. I really want to do this, so maybe I'll drag everything out again and try. Glad you started this thread.

  • Hi Linda,
    Don't give up hope. If you have lots of videos and books that should help you. I just try to pratice a little everyday or so. I can already see improvements in my work and my kids think I'll be this great artist. LOL

    Hope all goes well, let me know and have a great day.
  • Hi Marcia,

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Hi! I had always wanted to try tole painting also, since I was in junior high or so, but never had the chance to learn. I saw Donna Dewberry a couple months ago on the local PBS television channel for half hour one Saturday AM and figured it looked like ONe Stroke was the way to try starting to teach myself. So far I have gathered all the materials I need including a few books, a video, all the brushes, and quite a bit of paint (I got some off of ebay). I have only sat down with it one time so far, however, and did OK, but definitely need to practice. I had only done the ivy leaves and the rose buds. I tried a quick bouquet of rosebuds on my own also. That was in an hour or less, and I have not done any since. I want to do some more again, once I finish some of the sorting and house projects I have going on here right now. I also have 3 children: Thomas 4 yrs., Cassandra 2 1/2 yrs, and Candida 8 months, so they keep me busy too! I will have to let you all know if I get started again, and how it goes. I am really excited about it--I like the fact of the one stroke instead of having to switch colors for shading, etc.!!
  • One Stroke painting
    Hi! I have been doing One Stroke now for about a year or so and love it. I also have alot of the materials, such as the practice sheets, videos and so on. You might want to try Donna Dewberry's website. I think that's it. I started out painting candles, then flower pots, trash cans and have been painting mailboxes recently. I did paint an end table as well that turned out great. I've had people ask me to paint things for them as well, so hopefully, I can make a small business out of this. I really like the technique. It's been a great stress reliever as well. I go around the house looking for things to paint!LOL

    I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience with the class. But, keep practicing at home, in your own time and you'll get it before you know it!;-)
  • I look painting but have not tried one-stroke yet. I'm a little intimidated. I've seen the sheets at Jo-Ann's and have wanted to get them. I've done stencil's, sponging and iron-on pattern and then paint stuff, but want to branch out. Good for you, gardngal, for trying. Let us know how it turns out so I can see if I can do it too!

  • HI Jen,
    Those sheets at JoAnns really do help. You just go over them with your brush and pretty soon your doing it on your own. also if you subscribe to the strokingedge online magazine. Donna has a number of 5 min. videos that you can watch over and over to help you out. I have a small table I want to paint so I might start on it today. Good luck to you.
  • Hi. I have also tried the one stroke painting. I'm a newbie, and haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet, but I'm still impressed that someone like myself, with no painting talent whatsoever, can do this technique and have it turn out as well as it does. My boyfriend's mother is a pro at it. She paints everything from candle holders to dishes to foot stools and a whole lot more. I love it, and I practice with her every chance I get.
  • Hi forgetful75
    That's great that you have someone to pratice with who is experiened with one stroke. I'm trying to find someone locally to work with. Good luck with your painting!!