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  • Gardngal--Thanks for letting me know about the One Stroke forum--it is awesome! A bit time consuming, but well worth the effort.

    Thanks for viewing my picture trail album, too. I loved looking at your album (marciad1, right? I have had it bookmarked!) I just knew if I did not just get one running from the start, I probably would never have the confidence too. Everyone's work is SOOOO good, that mine does not look that exciting! It is so neat to see all the different surfaces they paint on. Now I go to other houses and think of all the things there I could paint on--chairs, bed frames, mailboxes, bookshelves, wastebaskets, etc. I guess I am seeing things with new eyes!

    Hope all goes well getting a new dryer now. There are a few things I dread seeing break down--washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, and cars!! Of course, they all cost a lot of money, so I am sure that is why!

    Eventually I would like to get more books, too. What ones do you have? I have Donna Dewberry's Complete Book of One Stroke Painting, Time Pieces, and The Painted Home. There are so many neat ones out there. When I was just getting supplies, I had gotten those 3 books, and thought I should be all set. Little did I know that once I got going, I would want more ideas and designs for other flowers, etc.! I am hooked now!

    Thanks again for sending me to the OS forum--I am sure we will hear each other there once in a while! Later!
  • 64 squares.
    The books I have are The Complete book of one stroke painting, Rooms full of flowers,small and pretty and 1 video. But I want lot's more .
    I want to do wall work, so I think my next big project will be the laundry room. Yes the forums are time consuming, but I enjoy them.
    I love seeing things in a new way now, everything sort of jumps out at you and yelling "paint me, paint me".
    Anyway have a good weekend.
  • new projects
    Well, I have painted 3 more things since I posted last--a magnolia soap, a candle, and re-did my OLD wall mount mailbox. I still have lots of work to do, and I need to do less cluttered designs sometimes (just look at the one side of my candle and at my mailbox and you will see what I mean!). If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I would be glad to here them. Here is a link to go and look at pictures of all my projects so far, including the new ones. . . . I figured it would be better than tying up the thread with the photos!!
  • Intimidated....
    I've bought a lot of Donna Dewberry's kits and videos but for some reason I'm having a problem getting myself in a mode to try it. I'm so intimidated by watching her do the painting that I just think that I couldn't possibly do that! Mine would probably be a flop. Oh well, one of these days, I'll give it a try. Who knows. Maybe I'll like it and do good.

  • Stacy-- I was not sure how I would do either, but you just have to "go for it"! Trust me, some things will not look very pretty at first, but you just keep practicing, and you will see things improve over time. Like anything else, it takes time and practice to get better.

    I tend to be hard on myself, and want it perfect the first time. I have 3 small children 4 yrs. and under, so I don't have a lot of spare practice time. The 7 times I have sat down to paint so far have usually been late at night or in the wee hours of the AM. I have just had to grit my teeth, and start a project even though it will not turn out perfect or how I would like it to be ideally. I just don't have the time to sit around practicing on paper all day, so if I ever want to paint anything on a surface, I just have to DO it.

    Go ahead, get out the videos and just watch some of them a few times over before you start. Watch the position of her brush, how hard she pushes, etc. Then get out the kits and get started--do it for the fun of it! No one's painting is going to look just like Donna's--make it your own!! You'll be glad you started!!

    By the way, where in PA are you located? I am near Binghamton, NY (upstate) which is just above the northern PA border in the Finger Lake region.
  • 64Squares

    Your work is improving each time - not that your first ones weren't very good. I love your roses - they look like you have been doing them for a long time.

    I do agree that you need to simplify someone your designs. You have a good basic design and you tend to try to emblish them too much. Maybe you could stop when you have the basic design on your project and walk away from it then come back and decide what you need to add.

    Hopefully you relaize what a wonderful talent you have dicovered that you have. It is so great to see someone mature in their craft and do it so quickly. Congratulations.

  • Stitcher45--Thanks for your kind words and also for the helpful critique. I think your "walking away for a while" tip may be helpful in not overloading my designs. Thanks for looking at my work and for the wonderful comments!
  • Love the paintings..
    Hello to everyone, I just want to say what lovely work you all have done, very impressive. I also enjoy painting, on wood that is. I have made a few wall sets for my kids and I have also sold a few on ebay. I have a 10 year old daughter and the biggest hit right now are those "BRATZ" dolls. My gosh a never ending story in my house. Anyway I made a set for my daughters room and one to sell on ebay take a look if you like.

    I really enjoy the finished product and everyone seems to be very happy with the results. I really like the jar painting as well. I have never taken a painting course, so I have taught myself all the how toos. I also make gel candles when I have the time. I have a web site its: Anyway, good luck to you all I am very happy I found this forum.
    Sincerely, Lanaya
  • Well, everyone, I painted 6 new projects in 2 days (actually more during the night than during the day! )--2 elephant banks for a double baby shower this weekend, 3 prizes for the baby shower games (a soap, a jar candle, and a decorative wall piece), and a mini mailbox for a birthday gift. Feel free to check them out at . . . .

    Lanaya--What a pretty name! I checked out your auction and your website. I had not even heard of Bratz! You must cut them yourself also? Your gel candles are really nice, too, and you have some really unique ones!
  • I think everything turned out very pretty! I especially love the soaps!! Can the candle be burned with the paints on it?

    Keep up the good work!!