Watermelon Clay Pot Windchime

  • Watermelon Clay Pot Windchime

    4 clay pot
    1 clay pot
    1 yd. medium jute
    3 macrame beads
    Acrylic Paints - red, dark forest green, leaf green, black and white
    Spray matte sealer

    Leaving the rims, paint small and large clay pots red. Paint small and large rims dark green. With brush, stiple stripes of light green onto rim about 1 wide. Stiple white edge of rim going a little up onto red. Use black paint to paint seeds onto both small and large pots. Use a small brush to paint squiggle lines next to dark green area. Spray seal painted area. String jute through hole of small pot and knot. Tie second bead onto jute about 3 up from small pot. Knot. String up through large hole in large pot and knot again about 1 above pot. String the third bead and make another knot. Make a loop and knot together jute about 7 above the pot.

    Picture is here
    I sure like these windchimes. I think I will go get some pots and get to painting.

    Thanks for the idea.;-)