Frog Gone Fishing

  • Frog Gone Fishing

    1yd. green ribbon
    30mm. movable eyes
    1 green fun foam for feet
    1 tan fun foam for sign
    Cinnamon stick for fishing pole
    4" terra cotta pot
    1 1/2" wood disks
    Acrylic paint - green isle & lime green
    Brown marker
    Black marker
    Wood sealer
    Satin finish
    Sand paper
    Decorative edge scissors
    24 gauge wire
    Hot glue
    Wood glue

    Sand wooden disks. Apply sealer to wooden pieces and to terra cotta pot. Turn pot upside down and glue disks onto pot at upper edge for eyes, using wood glue. Base coat circles and pot with green isle. After paint has dried, sponge with lime green, allowing dark green to show through in places. Spray painted surfaces with satin finish & dry. Cut 3"x2" from tan fun foam for sign using decorative scissors. With black marker, write "Gone Fishing" on sign. With brown marker, draw a few lines on sign to look like wood. Attach sign with wire to end of cinnamon stick - make it look like a fishing pole with sign on end. Glue 30mm eyes to center of wooden disks. Cut ribbon 7 1/2" for arms and 4 3/4" for legs. Cut out feet from green fun foam from pattern. Glue one foot to each 4 3/4" piece of ribbon and glue onto pot. Glue ribbon arms onto pot at center back - cut other end at an angle. Bring around to front of pot - curving slightly, glue. Glue fishing pole stick to side of pot by arm.

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