Foam Board Crafts?

  • I was nominated to help with the crafts for Wednesday night church. The pastor asked me what crafts can be made with foam board. Apparently we have an abundant supply of it. He said there is white and also colored.

    Any ideas for crafts using the foam board? This should be geared toward kids in the Kindergarten to 5th grade age range.

    Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  • Karen, do you mean the sheets of foam that are about the size and thickness of a piece of felt?

    You can make great picture frames with those! Also "door hangers" are easy to do with them, and bookmarks or refrigerator magnets of all kinds. I'm sure it would be easy enough to tie those into the Sunday School lessons.
  • Karen if you mean fun foam sheets there is so much you can make ith them...cut out crosses and add some cut out flowers or artificial ones, book marks, face masks, christmas ornaments.....make 2 the same and cut a circle out of one then place a pic in between the two., picture frames, just about naything you make with paper you can make with this stuff. You could cut out flowers and add popsicle or pipe cleaner stems. make a banner for the church.

    Hugs debbie
  • I think that is the stuff the pastor is talking about. I have e-mailed him to ask if I could see a piece of it, to make sure that is what he is talking about.

    Thanks for the ideas! I really hope this is the stuff he is talking about.
  • Karen,
    You could have the kids make a Nativity scene out of the pieces and set them in the church or classrooms.

    Another idea would be to make an Advent chain.
    Cut a Large star for Christmas Day. Then make a chain out of colored strips of foam with the right number of strips for each day until Christmas then attach the chain to the bottom of the star through a hole cut into the bottom. Then the kids could tear off a strip each day until Chistmas.

    They could also make Decorations for a Christmas tree at church.
    Or make decorations and donate to a family in need or take home for themselves.
  • Great ideas, VicRae!

    Along those lines, if your church has a "giving tree" the kids could use the foam to make the ornaments for that.

    Our church has a "giving tree" each year. A tree is placed in the church entrance and it has ornaments on it. Each ornament has a number and some information (such as "Girl age 5") on it. The idea is that you take an ornament and buy a gift for a child of that age. Then you ATTACH THE ORNAMENT to the gift and bring it back to church by the scheduled date. The gifts are then distributed privately by the committee who got the list together.

    It would be cool if the kids had a hand in making the decorations for such a program.