3-D Cards

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  • Deb your cards are so awesome you do great work.I really love the faries and the sunflowers,wish I could create cards that look like these.
  • Charlotte you could make cards just like mine....3-D's are pretty easy...and I used precut ones for the metallic ones here.....you just have to put them together and layer than find a good layout for them. I know yours would be beautiful......Thanks for the compliments though

    The ladies here are loving the fairy cards....looks like i may be making a few of those.

    hugs debbie
  • Debbie, The flower cards are beautiful.

    I hope to try to make some cards in the winter when I will have more time for crafts. I checked the Walmart near my work that has a big craft department and they didn't have the chalk. Michael's has them but I think they will be cheaper at Jo-Ann's with my coupons I get in the mail.
  • 3D work does not need to be hard or if you don't wish it to be.

    Here is my last one all I did was print to pictures off the net, the exact same, I cut the umbrella and the lounge chair out of one copy and used the double sided foam tape (3 squares to the umbrella and 4 small squares to the chair) over the exact copy to bring out the objects you wish to enhance. You can see my cut lines due to shadow.

    This is a little different to Debs as in hers are more built up centring on the flower to bring the flower out and enhancing that way.

    Play with it and see what you come up with, that way we all have a similar skill but done differently LOL.


  • Kathy, That looks like a very peaceful and inviting scene. Are the shadows you are talking about the dark lines under the chair and the umbrella? The one under the chair looks natural to me.
  • Yep both shadows are where I cut the shapes to difficult to cut out the chair legs..
    I just image googled a subject and sifted through pictures till I found what I was after, printed 2,
    make sure you have a slightly thicker paper (use card) than normal print paper to cut around the corners
    so it doesn't stretch then ........ basic but easy. I like easy LOL
  • Thanks for the tips Kathy. I like easy too.
  • Easy is best. I have to agree with that.
  • Cute card Kathy looks so peaceful...yes 3-d is very easy whether you choose to use a premade sheet where parts of the image are already cut away or you choose to do as Kathy has done by just eliminating parts off the original image. I have done both i like the 3-d sheets just because it saves on ink...LOL Kathy I use white cardstock for all my 3-d images to give it some stiffness to hold thinner shapes. You can use the foam dots, squares or many gals are using a silicone 3-d gel to put theirs together. Works well especially on this pieces like chair legs or the heels on my shoe cards...

    hugs debbie
  • Not seen a silicone gel for this Deb, might have to investigate!
    I get foam tape in a sheet of strips 3mm wide and just cut to length with a craft knife.
    If I get a roll and cut with scissors I make a mess and it sticks to every thing it's not
    supposed to LOL I'm so inept in that respect !