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  • Sammi, I also had a Velvet doll. She was my very favorite doll.
  • I also remember that we didnt go and buy any Christmas ornements we made them. we made stars out of cardboard and covered it with tin foil and put glitter on them. and chains of different colors some of them we put glue and glitter on and mom made some out of tooth picks she made a house cut wrapping paper of eather the wise men or some thing else and glued it to the tooth picks. I still make our ornments with the GC and thay think its neet and we have a lot of fun.
  • I remember the foil stars Bunny. We also made snow flakes and Santas trimmed with cotton balls.The shinny paper was used to cover round circles and bells. you put 2 together by cutting 1/2 way up one and 1/2 down the other. There was of course popcorn strings. We colored them with different colors of food coloring.You mixed the colors in some water and went outside and sprayed them. The cards were taped to strings and hung around the room as well. Still do this , makes me feel like I a surrounded by friends.
  • I also remember stringing cramberries for the tree that was some thing else again.
  • Didn't do the cranberries Bunny none in our area , but I do remember making wild rose hip necklaces in the fall, you' re sure digging up some memories for me.
  • I remember making my very first cornhusk doll!!
  • Now it comes to me after reading over this wonderful thread.
    Mom and I use to make bells from paper cups wrapped in foil. We put bells in some and some were left plain. We ran ribbon threw them and grouped them in threes. Two the same length and one longer. The ribbons were brought together at the top with Christmas decoration such as pine or a nice red bow.
    We hung them in every window at Christmas time.
    I love this thread.
  • I remember weaving those construction paper placemats for Mothers Day and making tissue paper roses for a corsage. When my kids made the placemats, their teacher had them put clear contact paper over them as a laminate so we could re-use them.
    Did anyone else get to make pinatas (sp)? We blew up a big balloon and made a flour and water paste. Then we'd tear newspaper into strips, dip them in the paste and layer them on the balloon until it had about 3 layers on them. Sometimes we'd use more balloons to make a different shape. It would take a long time to dry it seemed, but usually 2 days. Then we'd paint it,let that dry, stick a long needle down the top to pop the balloon inside. we'd leave a a smsll area on top so we could put the candy and toys in it. We had more making it than busting it!

  • Great Memories!
  • Wow some very cool stuff.I rember at Christime threading popcorn on string.Playing all kinds of games outside of course.And playing lots of board games and card games inside.We also listened to lots of records too.