Looking for advice on how to make straight hanging curtains

  • DH has a new job so we are moving again. We nearly went nuts looking for curtains when we moved here and bought this house. I won't do it again! I saw a great show recently that showed how to make tab top curtains with ribbon as the tabs. Unfortunately I missed the very beginning and didn't find out how to make the curtains. How does one go about making sure the curtains are straight?? If the material isn't cut straight in the store ( and it frequently isn't) HOW do I get it straight so they hang properly?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
  • You would have to make a staight hem on both the top and bottom and as you are pinning you much use a measuring tape to make sure it is all equal.
  • And make sure all of your tabs are the same length. Good luck! You can do it!
  • Another way to make sure they are straight is to take a couple of threads and pull (do both the top and bottom). This will take a little time and may be difficult, but it does work. I have problems cutting fabric straight and this hint was in one of my many help books.
  • Tab top curtains
    Funny you should ask this question as I have been wanting to make some tab tops for a few months. I bought the material and it has been sitting there because I am not really a sewer and was afraid I'd mess them up. I have been scanning lots of the web sites looking for info and none really address the issue of how to make them straight or how to decide on the tab spacing. On Jo-ann message board (thank goodness for all the talented & friendly participants) I finally ran across the formula: multiply width of tabs (I used 2-1/2" wide wire ribbon - no work)by number of tabs (I did 6 for 54" wide panel), subtract total from curtain width, divide result by one less than the number of tabs to arrive @ distance between tabs. I found clearance wired ribbon that perfectly coordinated with my material and one roll made 12 tabs. I looped it over the rod, grabbed it and that was the measurement needed for the length of the tabs (my fat rod needed 9" for tabs and that was enough for seam allowance also. I used a square (from DH shop - this probably isn't the correct way) to make a line across the top to get it straight and then laid curtain right side up, pinned tabs toward the bottom (they look unside down), laid a 5-1/2" strip of material for facing on top of tabs. Pinned, sewed and when facing is turned to the back side the tabs pop up to the top. Easy!
    And they look neat because of facing .Hope this helps somewhat and is clear. Good luck.
  • I want to thank everyone for the input! I especially appreciate the help with spacing the tabs since I hadn't even thought of that aspect yet. I won't be tackling this task for a few weeks but once the move is complete, assuming always that I survive it , I will take it on. I'll post the results then.
  • I've always used weights in the bottom of mine. just sew them into the bottom hem.
  • Here are some directions on making curtains. Hope you can use them.

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