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  • Janet-

    I like that idea too... that would've been wonderful for Mother's Day and for sure at my booth. We will be in there till at least Jan. 30th, 2005. So we get to have some fun with all the holiday themes.

  • Thanks Janet and Anna for the tips!

    I love those ideas for using pots and filling them up with stuff!

    Ok, Lets have it.......share those other ideas that both of you have been hiding!! LOL!
  • One more question.... Do you seal the jar or pot after applying the rub-ons?
  • sometimes sealers are too visable even the invisable ones and take away from the beauty of the jar. however the rub-ons will scratch off and damage easily so even if you seal the rub on only might be a good idea.
  • Thanks Candy!
  • Tami-

    I don't seal them, you could but I would think that it wouldn't adhere as good. Sealing afterwards I haven't tried.

    Oh should mention I did do this on wood and it worked o.k. but not sure about glass?

  • I have used them on glass, wood, pottery. They stick just fine on all ... but they will scare if bumped with hard objects or washed, so I would either seal AFTER or warn people to be extra careful. I have paid good money for something and have had it get distroyed by washing or even on the ride home or even stuff I had made. Just my 2 cents worth. To seal or not to seal that is the question! LOL
  • My 2 cents...I always spray sealer over my rub-ons, stencils, or anything that might get rubbed. They have many finishes of sealer...I always choose matte finish, it is just my preference.

    Hope this helps.

    Have fun, Janet
  • Janet

    I didn't know they had spray on sealer.. where do you get it and do you know the brand name?

    This might be helpful for my dh too.. he makes wooden clocks and uses a postcard as the decoration. Mine at work, someone splashed it with spray cleaner and it bubbled a bit, he was able to replace the card but for our customers this would definitely be a added assett.

  • Anna, My favorite spray sealer is AMERICANA interior. It comes in Matt or gloss finish. but there are a lot of sprays out there. Some of the polyurithane(sp) does yellow after time so I do recommend a sealer made for craft work in particular. I also like paint on to just paint the rub on and maybe 1/8 of an inch beyond. It also comes in matte or gloss. I have painted over projects with mod podge glue /sealer also. It dries clear and leaves an interesting texture. I would try a few things on a scrap piece of wood and or a scrap jar to decide what you like best for what. I do know some don't seal but the projects last so much longer if you do. there is a pour on sealer but it is a little pricey that makes a thick glossy finish on some wood projects to. Can't remember the name right now but if your interested pm me and I will get it to you.