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  • Here's a back view


  • WOWEEE!! I LOVE THIS ONE! (Had to put it in all caps since I say this about every new one you do! ) That is sooooo gorgeous! I cannot believe you are just doing all of this on your own--what a natural!!!!!!
  • blush blush blush

    Well, this one I learned how to do the trees and landscape by looking at a pattern book, otherwise I would have had no idea. But the placement etc are all me I didn't actually use any of her patterns, just the technique. And even though I'm not totally crazy about how the church came out, I am proud to say that it was freehand not a pattern

    Thank you!!
  • I just love the white church jar ..awesome I have not had a chance to paint a jar (doing an Ireland or bust for my mom) I am in the middle of making pumpkins for my child's halloween party.

    You take clear plastic and cover a 1/2 measuring cup and then put about 6 of those orange slice candies inside bring up the plastic wrap and tied with green yarn or floral tape Presto! A pumpkin cute and soo easy...I also get to go see the Carol Duvall show taped live for Christmas in Nov she is on HGTV..I am sooo excited
  • Wow Secamom. I am so jealous of your getting to be near Carol. I love her! Have watched for years - since way back when she was on the Gary Collens show. She is the real reason I wanted to get cable.

    Your pumpkins sound so cute. Do you leave the measuring cup in the plasic? Or do you take in outas you wrap the plasic up around the candy? Bet they were cute and the kids loved them. Boy are you brave to have a Halloween party. Yet I think you are sure smart to have the kids at a safe fun party instead of out trick or treating.

  • I can't believe it has been over a month since I was here last. Another bad round with my body and mind. Think I am better now except for my knee which is swollen to the point I can't bend it.

    There are so many great jars that have been posted while I was gone. It was fun to go back and just look at them - I didn't read all the posts but loved looking at the jars I still haven't gotten any jars painted - it will be on my list of things to do when I get back from my sister's.

    This is a very talented bunch of friends

  • Oh this is soooooo pretty, i want a laundry loot jar too. I've never tryed this before, is it easy, and how do you do them. Thats just too pretty, i love it.
  • Hi Stitcher45

    Yes she is taped in Hollywood I live in San Diego so I going up for that weekend

    No you place the plastic over the top of the measuring cup then place the orange slices inside gather the plastic up and twist then tied the top (about 6 fill the cup just shape in) the kids not only loved them the teachers did too..I had to dress up for Halloween at the school I work at so last minute I made my costume....
    I made a horse from a box wraped the outside with a table cloth plastic (cheap) staple to box then added the neck (made from a paper towel roll his head from 2 paper plates added a mane then took the seam from old jeans for the reins
    ok my legs were the horses (so I step in the box(Open) and pulled it up over my hips which ha ha fit nicely on and stayed mmm I took a pair of pants and added old newpaper in the legs added shoes to the bottem and this was draped in the box with the legs on the outside it looked like I was riding it...I added my horse helmet to wear on my head (which my d used to ride her bike) it was cute.......now Christmas is around the corner hun ladies..I am sure we are all busy now hun
    Happy crafting
  • size of jars
    Ok well maybe the bigger jars would work better, or you could use 1-2 very small things in each like a small binki with the label to read Recipe for soothing Baby Open jar rinse binki and wallllaaaaa!!! Anyway you could use an inexpensive diaper bag as your basket and just fill it with samples of lotion baby wash and small socks and a inexensive sleeper....Just some ideas!!!!
  • Halloween Jars
    Hi all! I am finally getting around to posting my Halloween jars. A couple pages back I said that I was going to paint baby jars and hand them out for advertising on Halloween. I had to put them on the scanner so this picture doesn't really do them justice but you get the idea. They all had pretty ribbon on the top but I ran out for the black and green jars so the ones in the picture don't have them. I bought a pack of the circle cut tulle from the dollar store and filled them with Hershey's kisses, put them in the jars and added my business card. They were pretty cute!