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  • Amanda,
    I just skimmed the previous posts, I thought I had seen a post about how to prepare the jars before you paint them, but I couldn't find the post! I tried my hand at painting a jar yesterday and started some more today, but I've noticed that every once in a while, the acrylic paint, even though it's dry. . . when I try to add another coat, it will come off in some places. I figured that it may be because I didn't do anything to 'prepare' the jar before painting.
    How do you prepare your jars?
  • Hi Amy

    You can wipe them down with rubbing alcohol or white vindegar and let it dry before you paint them. Here lately though, I haven't even been doing that and they've been fine.

    You might want to check your paint too. If it's too thick, that might make it harder for it to flow over the first layer, causing you to press a little harder making the paint peel. But it sounds more like the first coat just wasn't dry enough. Try using a hair dryer on the first coat
  • I'm getting the bug again, so bear with me while I post all my new ones LOL Here's an herb bottle!


  • A new jar :)
    I am making the center pieces for the table for uot women's study this Tues. Here is a picture of one of them

    <img src="http://www.geocities.com/romans12_3/falljar2.gif">

    Check out the little guy hiding in the flowers

    <img src="http://www.geocities.com/romans12_3/scarecrowshrunk.gif">
  • oops, they didn't post.http://www.geocities.com/romans12_3/falljar2.gif

  • Those didn't work either It told me that the page was unavailable.
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    Originally posted by FamilyCorner
    Those didn't work either It told me that the page was unavailable.
    Try this
  • I was able to see your vases...beautiful! You are very talented too!

  • Thanks Janet.
    I just sold my first jar It is the orange vase with flowers in it I just shared!
  • Thanks for the help Amanda! For some reason I haven't been getting emails when my subscribed threads are responded to! So I just happened to check and see if there had been any posts, I didn't think that you all were so quiet!!