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Amanda 05-23-2002 07:55 PM

Buying the crafts on this site
I've had a lot of people say that I should sell the crafts that I make and put up on this site. Frankly, I like to make things once, then try something else. I'm not much of an "assembly line crafter" LOL

I'm of course FLATTERED that people would suggest that I sell the crafts, but would anyone even buy them? I LOVE making them, it's my most favorite pasttime (besides this site) and it totally reduces my stress level. But somehow I get the feeling that the folks that visit here come to get the patterns and make them trhemselves, I can't picture anyone buying.

Your thoughts?? Your PERSONAL opinions please?

The crafts I am referring to are anything designed by me, Amanda Formaro, featured in these sections:

Kid's Crafts
Grown Up Crafts

juliebelle 05-24-2002 09:35 AM

I am so glad you asked this question because it leads to one of my own....I have been saving all the craft ideas I see here and other places that I think I could make cheaply and sell at a craft show. Is there some copyright or patent restriction (or ethical, for that matter) to doing this? I have been looking for something that I could do to supplement my part-time income while staying at home. Any ideas?

stitcher45 05-24-2002 07:14 PM

juliebell thank you for asking that question because I have been wondering the same thing. I sell my things at my sister's boutique in San Jose, Ca. She holds it the first weekend of Nov. so I work on things all through the year to prepare for it. I have seen several things that I think I would like to make but am not sure if I will be breaking rules/laws.

What kind of things do you enjoy doing? I do needlecrafts with felt and other fabrics.


stitcher45 :daisy:

Amanda 05-27-2002 08:40 PM

The proper thing to do is to ask for permission as most designers don't want you to mass produce their ideas and claim them as yours and make money from their creations. I think you'll find that most of the time a creator will grant you permission without any trouble, they may ask that you give them credit in some way, whether it be on a tag on the craft, or some other display. It is a good question tho! Many crafts are simply recycled ideas, but I know for a fact that I have made many crafts straight from my head, not from seeing it somewhere else. If there are any crafts in particular that you have found here that you want to make and sell, simply write to me and let me know which ones and we'll go from there! ;)

stitcher45 05-27-2002 10:44 PM


Thank you for the information. It will be helpful as I decide what to make. I appreciate the offer to help me determine how to get to those that have designed the crafts here on Family Corner. You can be sure I will get back to you


stitcher45 :daisy:

tipsyhalo 05-28-2002 01:53 AM

I kind of have the same feeling as you, these boards are more for sharing and learning than buying. There are places that you can sell your crafts, I know of some who do quite well on EBay in their crafts section, and you can also sell extra supplies there. ::-):: ROFLMAO :-:

stitcher45 05-28-2002 04:20 AM

Good Morning

I have never done anything on eBay. Is it easy? How expensive is it to use? How do you go about using it? :confused:

Since I sell mosst of my things through my sister's boutique I have never thought of using other means such as eBay, or craft shoes. Do most people you know that do this have pretty good success?

I'm just full of questions, aren't I? ;)

Hope you all have a great day.
Stitcher45 :daisy:

juliebelle 05-28-2002 05:31 AM

Wow! I hope I haven't made a lot of controversy with my question! I usually just see ideas I like and keep them on my computer so that I can check them out later. I will have to see where they are from to see if I can find the designer. I appreciate the feedback. I mostly like the cute ideas- like the snow people...things that I think I could make easily. I will certainly ask permission before using anything. Mostly I'm just thinking about ways to supplement my income so I can continue to work half-time and be home for my children- as a very side hobby kind of thing.
By the way, I wouldn't want to try to sell anything here! This is for fun!

ROFLMAO :worm:

stitcher45 05-29-2002 05:57 PM

Juliebell it sounds like you are trying to do the samr thing as I am. I want to add income so that my husband can quit his second full time job. (at 62 I'd rather not have him working 80 hrs a week :rolleyes: ) For many years I was able to make my Christmas money by selling my crafts at my sisters boutique but once she stopped having it each year, I was without way to sell my things. So I am looking forward to being able to sell things with her new one this year. ::-)::

No I don't think you started any controversy. I think we all learn a good lesson on being careful about using others ideas to make a profit. I for sure had never really thought about others when I was looking at design ideas before but I sure will now.

What kind of crafts do you enjoy doing? I might have some ideas from past years - ones that are my own design- that I would be glad to share with you. I remember what it was like to try to stay home and raise my girls while also needing to bring in more income. Sometimes it felt like I was trying to jump through several hoops at the same time. ^^ So I am more than happy to help out if I can.:angel:

Quillows 05-29-2002 08:24 PM

We started out doing craft shows to sell Quillows. We have been to a lot of them. We also have a site that we sell the Quillows on. This is some of what I know. At craft shows there is what they call the magic number. It is between $8.00 and $12.00. If you can make an attractive item even if it is only one item one time and price it within that range it will sell. Be sure to have your tables full of stuff to pick from. A few items no matter how well they normally sell will not sell when you only have a few things left on your display. I am sure the same goes for selling on a website. Lastly, use quality materials. People can tell when you are taking short cuts. Yes, we have had some customers walk away saying they can make it themselves but not a lot we don't worry about those. I like coming to Family Corner so much that it is like a community. I think there is room for shopping here too. Good luck.^^

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