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ajrsmom 10-19-2005 03:37 AM

Pumpkin in Bloom
Pumpkin in Bloom

Celebrate the splendor of autumn with colorful fresh flowers displayed in a plump pumpkin vase. In about an hour you can create a dazzling centerpiece rich with tones and hues of the season.

You will need: (For pictures, click on this link: )

One 8" diameter pumpkin, with 6" diameter top removed and insides scooped out
Small plastic container to fit into pumpkin
Floral foam
Floral tape
12 leatherleaf fern tips, each 5"-7" long
5 pencil cattails: two 7" long, two 9" long and one 12" long
15 bronze pompon chrysanthemums, each 10" - 12" long
9 yellow pompon chrysanthemums, each 6" - 8" long
12 yellow asters, each 6" - 8" long
8 stems preserved oak leaves
Utility knife


Place container in pumpkin. Measure and cut floral foam to fit container so that top of foam extends 1/2" over rim of pumpkin; secure foam and container to pumpkin with floral tape (FIG 1).
Insert leatherleaf ferns into foam around rim of pumpkin, spacing evenly. Insert shorter pieces in top of foam to completely cover foam. Insert five cattails at top of arrangement at varying heights (FIG 2).Insert 15 stems of bronze pompons into foam at varying heights, spacing evenly: Place one 12"-long flower near center top of foam and several flowers around rim of pumpkin; then place remaining flowers above the bottom flowers (FIG 3).Insert one 8"-long yellow pompon at top of foam and four 6"-long pompons, evenly spaced, around rim of pumpkin. Insert remaining four yellow pompons halfway up to top yellow pompon and in between the four yellow pompons at bottom (FIG 4). Insert yellow aster stems into foam, spacing evenly between the yellow and bronze pompons. Insert oak leaves around rim of arrangement. Fill container with water; check water level daily. Place arrangement on shallow dish or place mat to protect furniture from marks or spills.

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