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  • Cool ideas!
    Yippee, lots of cool craft ideas. I need to make a list and get things made up fast. Christmas is almost here!

    Have you ever used old blue jeans to make purses, they are so much fun and easy to do. Also I cut the pockets off of old blue jeans sew them up and put a handle on them by using the side seam of the blue jeans. My niece loves them!

    Just the right size for her.

    So many ideas and not enough $ and time to get everything made up.

    I'm glad to see others postings and if you have any cool links for cool Christmas ideas lets posts the links here for others to enjoy.

    Have a nice day!

    Karen (Craftybear)
  • making Christmas gifts
    I do not make too many gifts each year. This year I am doing some quilted table toppers and machine quilting them. I have four of them read to quilt. I did them in Christmas fabric. I also have a cabbage patch doll that is in the making for a great grand daughter who is three years old and loves all of her babies. Other than that I have nothing on the list. Hand done that is.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all Marian in ND
  • This is a site I found recently that has some unique and really cute patterns. You need to scroll them from side to side with the yello arrows to see them all. It also helps to hit F 11 so you see more of the page.

  • Christmas Ideas
    What great ideas!

    I have been playing with new "Fun Fur" that is in the craft stores. I have several granddaughters (ages 3 to 8) and it was perfect for them. I made scarfs/boas, trim for mittens and hat to match! Too fun! (Fast too!)

    Hope everyone enjoys their holidays![/COLOR]

    I'm diagonally parked in a parallel world!
  • I was digging through a cabinet, trying to find my Christmas candles, when I came across some oil for scenting candles (no idea where it came from). Anyway, I boiled a cup of water, added a Tablespoon of the apple pie scent, and 2 pkgs. of Knox Gelatin, and some food coloring. Then I poured it into 2 small jelly jars, and stuck a Christmas pick in each.

    It turned out so cute. Looks like those scented gels you find in boutiques. I'll be making a few more of these for gifts.
  • That is a cool Idea Vickilyn! I have lots of scents lying around ... I think I might use your idea and make some of those! Thank you for sharing!
  • Vickilynn- I have another idea for using some of this stuff. This makes a nice room scent for any room of the house and is pretty too.

    Room scents--
    16 oz simmering liquid potpourri (any scent) I used apple spice and added some cinnamon oil to it for added smell. This is optional.
    4 pks knox gelatin
    1/2 cup cold water.
    Dissolve knox gelatin in cold water
    Add liquid potourri, bring just to a boil. Do not boil. Pour into small votive containers or any small jar. A few drops of oil scent cn be added to it to make a little more scent. Let cool and cover with saran wrap. The outside can be decorated with a little raffia tied around the outside an a little piece of greens added for Christmas. this last quite some time when uncovered. I had one in my bathroom and I loved the fragrance it put off. My sister made these for table favors for a Thanksgivng party her club was having. The gals loved them.
    Marian in ND
  • Scented Sachets
    I sold quite a few of these last year.

    Use a themed material or solid, make a large circle I used a mixing bowl to trace. Cut around it with pinking shears.

    In a bowl mix rice and fragrance oil, let sit at least a day for rice to absorb. Spoon several tbs. into the center of your circle of material, draw up and tie with a ribbon.

  • I used your idea, Vickilynn, but I used wine glasses and made stem ware charms for around the bottom of the glasses. Boy are those cute! I made two in Cinnamon scent, and two in peach scent. While they were sitting on the cabinet cooling, my husband walked into the door, and said "Wow, I smell fruit of some sort!" and went directly to the wine glasses and wanted to drink one of them.He said he thought I made him a fruit drink! (LOL)
  • Paintingnut

    What a cute idea.