Printable Flower Pot Cards, Birdhouse Gift Boxes, Watering Can Gift Cards, & more!

  • This site really has some cute projects! I hope you'll like them too!
    Hugs & Happiness~~~ Sweet Magnolia

    Download printable craft projects
    Printable Flower Pot Easter Cards
    Printable Jewelry Boxes
    Printable Victorian Boxes
    Printable Christmas Scratch Paper
    Printable Watering Can Gift Cards
    Grocery or "To Do" Lists
    Christmas Gift Tags
    Birdhouse Gift Boxes

    Paula I hope you don't mind me helping you out here by putting n the link for you

    thanks I will be paying a visit there.
  • I have this neat link to share with all of is a neat pace for the kids to place some games, and if you go to the home page there are cards and other activites to do..

    Check it out, and let me know what you think.

    PS..I like playing the matching the mose game..what can I say???I am a big kid.

  • thank you
    Thank you I love the sights yal posted,thy are great