how to make an accordion file folder

  • Does anyone know how to make an accordion file folder from such items like heavy cardstock and index cards possibly? I'm wanting to file my dd#1 preschool papers in somewhat an orderly manner and I thought this would be great to keep it together instead of the boxes I started last year and this year. I just realized last night that I don't want to keep boxes and boxes for each year but one type of system for her papers. I'd also like to make a smaller version of this for recipes and/or coupons to use for myself and making gifts for Christmas. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Melissa
  • Hi, if you're looking for a way to save your dd's papers, why not scan them onto a disk or cd? (Providing you have a scanner). I do this and that saves tons of papers stacking up or filling my filing cabinet.

    I wish I had a scanner or computer back when my children was growing up. I do have a few favorites of their pictures or mother's day pictures they have gave me. My dd gets red, every time I put out the Mother's day card she drew me in 94. It is precious to me and I will always treasure it. (I may end up giving it to her on her first Mother's Day! lol).

    I wish I had it handy. It's so cute!
  • Saving them to disc/cd is a great idea indeed....I have tons to go thru ...son is 14 1/4 yr now thanks for the that idea/reminder!

    Also, Melissa...I would think it would be cheaper to just buy some accordian files. They really aren't expensive due to being paper, & I know it would save you much aggravation! lol...just a thought.

    Hugs, Jacquie
  • If you have that many papers and you want to save them, you need to start scrapbooking. My first rule, if it isn't flat or savable as is (too much glitter or pait) then take it's picture and toss the original. The kid will let you then.

    You can go as fancy as Creative Memories or as simple as archival sleeves (slip covers that go in a 3 ring binder) from the office store in that universal 8.5x11" size.

    My mom advised me: decide which standard to use and remember to do th esame with all 3 kids. I know some one who had the dates of the teeth coming in for her child all neatly written in his book. I'm sure she will have the dates they fall out too. But that is way to much detail for me. I'm happy to find immunization records.

    But why an accordian file? Are you sorting by subject or date? I use a Sterilite brand sweater box to store all until I can get it into scrapbooks. Not archival but I can see thru the box and know what's what.

    I can't do anything while the basement is under construction. Dust every where but we started painting last night!!