Flower Theme Arts & Crafts

  • Handprint Flowers
    Glue a circle in the middle of the page, then place hand prints all around it as
    the petals

    Class Project
    Use large Construction paper and cut out a petal shape. Make 5 petals for
    each flower. Let the kids paint them what every color they want. For the middle
    cut a large circle out of yellow or orange construction paper. You can glue the
    petals to the circle or tape them...Your class will be full of large colorful flowers.

    Flower Children
    Take pictures of each of the children and put their faces in the middle of a

    Bulletin Board
    Use white crayons to draw flowers all over paper. Paint with watercolors-
    the kids loved to mix up the colors so each flower was different. After they
    dried, I cut them out and arranged them on our bulleting board to look like a
    flower garden. We also made a sun, butterflies and a hot air balloon in the
    same method for the sky. It looks great and the kids had great pride in how
    their flowers look all together.

    Hand Flowers
    Trace around a child's hand about 8 times with a thick black felt tip. Let the child
    stick different coloured tissue paper (or other materials such as felt) on 6 hands.
    Cut out the hands and place the hands in a circle to form the petals. Place a
    picture of the child cut out into a round shape in the middle of the petals. Draw
    a long stem for the child which they then stick green tissue paper on. Next, with
    the remaining two hands stick green tissue paper on so these make the leaves.
    Assemble together to make a pretty flower.

    CD Flowers
    Paint the free cd's you get in the mail and then glue a piece of corkboard with
    flower petals (glued to the outside of the corkboard) on the bottom of your
    painted flower and you have a new flower coaster!

    Waxed Paper Flowers
    Take two pieces of wax paper and put some small pieces of wax crayon
    between them. Melt the crayon with a hot iron so that it covers the inside of the
    wax paper. Trace and cut some flower shapes out of the wax paper. Staple
    shut and hang from a ceiling and watch the sunlight shine through them.

    Coffee Filter Flowers
    Take coffee filters and let the children color them with crayons, markers, or even
    paint then put 3 or 4 of them together one on top of the other and glue or staple
    in the center. Then fan out each layer to make it look like different petals of a
    flower then glue or staple a pom-pom in the center if you like and string or
    ribbon for the stem on the back of the flower

    Paper Plate Flowers
    Use paper plates to make flowers of various colours . Just get a paper plate of
    any size and cut out petal shapes of various colours. Allow the children to
    choose the colours they want and glue them round the edge. Then in the middle
    we put tissue paper circles of colour chosen by the child. simple, doesnt take
    too long, and look good too. To add to this can have small butterflys or bees to
    get coloured or already made, then can paper fasten them on and they will spin.

    Decorate Flowers
    Have the children decorate predrawn flowers with glitter, shimmer shower,
    tissue paper, crepe paper, coloured rice, pasta - anything the possibilities are

    Button Flowers
    Make a circle on a piece of paper, glue some buttons inside the circle.
    Next, make the circle into a flower by either gluing flower petals around the circle or use paints.
    Create a stem and leaves with paper cut outs, things from nature or paint.
    Title your picture of flowers: "Friends are the flower in life's garden"

    Early Spring
    Early spring flowers are forsythia and ***** willows. Have the children draw
    brown bush branches and then choose which they want to make? For the
    forsythias have yellow paint for them to put their finger tips in and place on the
    branch drawing. If they want to do ***** willows have gray pain and use the
    same procedure.

    Games & Activities

    Plant flower seeds in styrofoam cups.

    Cut out flower pictures from seed catalogs and make a flower collage.

    pluck petals off of flowers and make potpourri

    Role Play
    Turn the "house corner" into a garden centre - with flower pots, fake flowers,,
    rakes, spades, aprons, gloves etc and the kids love it. decorated it using
    various pictures etc.

    Life of a Flower
    Draw pictures of the various stages of a flowers development - 1 = planting
    seeds; 2=water seed, 3=sunshine and water, 4= seeds begin to grow and roots
    grow too, 5 and 6 = same as 4 but grown more. end up with 7 or 8 being the
    fully grown flower. this activity can be done alongside an activity where seeds
    are actually planted and various stages can be seen in real life as well as
    pictures. we used cress as it grows quickly, but we have also planted other
    seed which will hopefully bloom outside quickly ie sunflower seeds.

    Snacks & Recipes

    Edible bouquets
    1 package bamboo skewers
    1 box flower shaped cookies (they have to have a hole in the center of the
    cookie. They are usually butter flavored and available in most grocery stores.
    Avoid the mini size)
    1 package spice gum drops (small gum drops. I used to go to the "bulk candy
    bins, because I could make sure I got a good amount of green gum drops,
    which is inconsequential unless you want every flower to have one green
    Twist ties
    Small plastic flower vases or homemade flower vases
    Take a skewer and push a gumdrop on upside down then place a cookie on top
    of the gumdrop and secure using a right-side up gumdrop. The flower you have
    will look somewhat like a black-eyed susan. After you have a bunch of cookies
    done secure them together with a twist tie to make a bouquet. If you wish tie
    ribbon around the twist tie and attach a card or place in a vase.

    For small children you may want to cut the points off and have them push the
    gumdrops onto the blunt ends. This makes a good "snack time" craft. It also can
    be a nice addition to a flower-a-day craft bouquet to send home at the end of a
    week. We have also used the edible bouquets for father's day in place of the
    fresh flowers that we give for mother's day. It is a short craft and suitable for
    younger ages.

    Songs & Fingerplays

    In My Little Garden (fingerplay)
    In my little garden with a lovely view.
    Sunflowers are smiling, one and two.
    In my little garden by the apple tree,
    Daffodils are dancing, one, two,
    three. In my little garden by the kitchen door,
    Roses are blooming, one, two,
    three, four. In my little garden by the winding drive,
    Violets are growing,
    one, two, three, four, five!

    (Children hold up a required number of fingers each time. Show the children
    pictures of the different flowers that are mentioned in the rhyme.)

    The Flower (fingerplay)
    Here's a green leaf, (Show hand)
    And here's a green leaf (Show other hand)
    That you see makes two. (Hold up two fingers)
    Here's a bud (Cup hands together)
    That makes a flower: Watch it bloom for you! (Slowly open cupped hands)

    from Childsfun
  • A simple craft we just did used a silk flower, floral tape and ink pen. Take a single silk flower and leave about three inches of the stem. Place the stem along the pen leaving the flower above the top and tape the stem to the ink pen. You can use colored tape or floral. You now have a pretty flower pen. The bigger (about 2-3 inches across) look better than small flowers.
  • Thanks, redcardinalbird and ajrsmom for your great ideas. I am going to try some of them with my children this summer.
  • Here's a flower craft using those plastic Easter eggs.

    Take half an egg and glue it, edge down, onto a piece of colored paper. This will form the center of the flower. Use spangles, confetti, glitter glue or markers to draw the flower petals and stem.
  • We make lots of flowers here at my house and one that we have always liked was using the old plastic pieces that would go behind your christmas lightbulbs. Some were foil too. I picked up a huge box once at a yard sale and we have been using them since. They make the prettiest flowers.

    Old buttons make great flowers too...just glue them on heavy paper with a bigger one for the centre and smaller ones around the outside. Rick rack makes great stems

    To make a big sunflower take a strofoam ball and cut in half. Glue with tacky glue or a hot glue gun sunflower seeds(in shell) to cover the styrofoam. Cut from bristol board petals(paint them yellow) and glue to the flat side of the cut styro circle. Tadaa you have a sunflower.

    Take a paper plate and cut out the inside. Paint the plate and add petals around the outside. Attatch a toungue depresser to the bottom of the plate and you have a cute flower mask.

    Cut the centre out of a paper plate . Paint it green make a bunch of paper flowers and glue close to or on the outer edge of the plate.....makes a great hat for toddlers.

    I probably have some others but all I can think of off the top of my head right now

    Hugs Debbie
  • Remember the old fashioned tissue paper flowers we use to make?
    Layer serveral layers of tissue paper on top of each other. The more layers the fuller the flower. They can be the same color or you can vary the color for a more interesting flower.
    Accordin fold the tissue paper and using a pipe cleaner gather in the middle and twist pipe cleaner to hold.
    You can use a pinking shears or a scissors with a decorative edge and cut each end of the folded tissue paper for a more intersting flower.
    Now carefully begin to separate the layers working them to the center. When all the layers are separated, fluff and there is your flower.
  • There are so many good ideas here for Mother's Day!

    Great gift ideas that would be easy for kids to make Mom or Grandma.