mini chicken potpies

  • 6 count muffin pan
    1-roll crescent rolls
    boiled or can chicken about 1-1/2 cups pulled or diced
    cup diced cooked potatoes
    handful of frozen corn and peas
    carrots to taste (optional)
    garlic powder
    salt and pepper to taste

    I boil my chicken with garlic,onion,celery remove the chicken and save broth flatten your rolls take 1 roll per muffin cup and prebake for about2 mins then take out make sure you make a hole for filling I use a spoon and press down in the middle now take 1/2 stick of butter in frying pan melt then whisk in 1 to 2 tablespoons of plain flour then slowly till a little brown then slowly whisk in broth and all the vegs and chicken pour into muffin pans add some of the rolls on top and back till brown and pour some of your veg mix over top these are so good and just enough for 2 people if you need more for a bigger family just double recipe and use 12 count muffin pan
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  • MY 9 year old grand-daughter helped with this recipe and had lots of fun. It is a nice recipe for kids to do. It was nice and easy and tasted very good, it was enjoyed by all!!
  • Congrats Green queen!! I've made these but never used crescent rolls... I'm going to try it with the crescent rolls. Thanks for posting this.
  • thank you they are so good and easy