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  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you again for letting me give the contests here on FC. I'm not sure who will be continuing the contests, so please know that the weekly contests may be put on pause until a replacement is found.

    The final giveaway, "WIN: Binky Bill the Movie" and "Down on the Farm" for the Movie Night Contests will close today at noon. Enter for a chance to win!

  • Thank you for all you did to make Family Corner a great site.

  • Thank you for the awesome contests!! Every happiness to to you!!!
  • Any word on getting the contests started again?
  • I was wondering as well.
  • I put a message in the "problem" reporting thread; hopefully someone at IB will see it. Since they have no one to take it over I'm wondering if it will ever be seen!
  • I'm also wondering.
  • Contests? - FamilyCorner.com Forums

    I put at the above forum the answer I got from IB on the situation.
  • will there be anymore. I know they brought a few people
  • Quote: will there be anymore. I know they brought a few people

    The last I heard from them on it is that they needed more people, that has happened, but no contests ....and they originally said they had to get more people to the site. We've tried for years now with no luck so I'm guessing there aren't going to be contests any longer. If I hear anything different I'll be sure to post it, sorry!