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  • MAY Contest

    For every qualified entry into this contest, you will earn an A&A Pie Award!


    This is a summary, detailed instructions below:

    Title: Cooking with Alicia & Annie

    What You Do: Choose a recipe from their site, prepare it, take a photo, then you have three choices (upload to your blog, upload here at FC, or upload to the original recipe site)

    How to Enter: After doing the above just post on this thread the recipe you made (link to it on the appropriate site) and you've not only earned a Pie Award you have earned an entry into their giveaway (prizes change each month)!


    1) Visit either or both of these websites: and/or

    2) Pick a recipe (or as many as you like, you will earn a Pie Award for EVERY recipe you complete and photograph) to make.

    3) Make the recipe and take a picture (important! photo required for award and contest entry!)

    4) Come to this thread and post the name of the recipe, the link to the recipe, and any comments you may have. You may also post your photo here.


    You may upload your photo directly on the recipe site where you got your recipe. Simply navigate to the recipe and use the upload tool then come here and tell us about it.

    If you have a blog, you may blog about it and include a link to the recipe there, then you can post a comment on the contest blog.

    I'm really excited to have our FC community involved in this contest. I know the sponsor personally and have bought several things from her site. The prizes are top notch and the quality is awesome! All the prizes are always cooking or kitchen related

    Here's the Pie Award you will earn for participating. You will get a new pie award for EVERY recipe you submit!

    The contest prize changes each month, so be sure to check in at the contest blog Cooking with Alicia & Annie regularly. You can also subscribe by email.

    May's Prize: Collapsible Kitchenware Package
    This Collapsible Kitchenware Package includes a set of measuring cups, over the sink strainer and funnel, all collapse to fit neatly into drawers and tight spaces! Your choice of red or blue.

    THIS CONTEST IS ONGOING - prizes change every month, no expiration date until I post otherwise


  • Annie's Recipes: Coca Cola Barbeque Chicken
    This is one of those recipes that you think, "ok, this is either going to rock, or its going to be blah". Rocked!

    Here is the link:

    Here are my changes:
    *I used diet coke. (I have a diabetic in my house - ketchup has enough sugar!!)
    *I used chicken thighs.
    *I threw in a shallot, just because it was laying around.
    *I put the ingredients in my slow cooker for 8 hours and then kept it on warm until dinner time. (at which time I added a smidge of sea salt)
    *I served mine over brown basmati rice, which I added some onion to while it cooked.

    I chose this recipe out of desperation. The cupboard was bare. When my Dad came down for breakfast, it had been cooking for an hour and his mouth was watering all day! If you are down to bare bones and need supper - try it.



  • Here's how to make a link at FC:

    Hover your mouse over the "address" of the web page you want to make a link for. Right-click and choose "COPY." Then, type the words you want to turn into a link on the Family Corner reply window. Click and drag over the words to highlight them, and then choose the little icon up above the reply window that looks like a tiny globe with a chain link at the bottom. It will pop up a little box. Put your mouse in there and hit "Control" and V at the same time, and your link will be pasted right in.
  • Jodi, that looks really good! Thanks for the recommendation and noting that you can also slow-cook it. It would be great on a hot summer day
  • Thank you so much! It was tasty and yes, the slow cooker kept the kitchen cool. KEY at this time of year!!

    Have a super day!

  • Barbszy, I copied the recipe for the cookies you made because they looked so good! I am definitely going to try them.

    Now, on to a new search for another recipe to try!
  • looks like we r getting a good start on this....
  • I am going to start looking for a recipe.
  • I made the 2 layer pineapple upside down cake from Annie's recipes

    I only made the one layer since it would be too much cake for us. It's still too hot to cut, so will post comments later after we eat it. I'll put a dollop of whipped cream on it.

    I'm having problems getting it resized to fit on here. I took it with my digital camera & other photos taken with the same camera went on but this one won't go. Can someone help me figure it out?
  • Minny, I sometimes have to make mine smaller than I normally would. I don't know why that happens but it does.