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Blondie 04-26-2003 07:48 PM

Pros & Cons of Heated Hair Curlers

I would be interested in what others think of hair curlers. I saw some when in K-Mart recently, and wondered if they really do curl hair well. --How about damage? Not good idea for use on color-damaged hair?

I have colored myhair for many years, but have stopped about four months ago. I have decided not to do so anymore, and have noticed it seems to be a litte better than it was before. Now, when I wash it I use a conditioner on it that is meant for very dry-chemically processed hair. It is L'Oreal's Nature's Therapy. It leaves my hair softer than anything else I've used (Pantene)--more like hair. But, this climate has the effect on it even after, that my hair gets frizzy, and looks, and feels like a broom. It is short, and had been naturally wavy years ago. I'd like to see the wave come back, if possible, but wondered if a curling iron might do the trick. With the damage already done, I am sure a heated curling iron is not the best choice.

Any suggestions, anyone?

nagymom 04-27-2003 03:14 AM


I've colored my hair for many years. I used to use a curling iorn too. I've long since given that up since my hair just won't hold a curl unless it's permed. THEN I have to tell the beutician to be careful, it takes perms FAST,. Go figure. :-P::

Anywya, I've never had a problme with it damaging my hair because I always left it in for short times. Doe they still make the ones that you can add water to? It adds moisture and isn't as damaging as dry heat.

I'm fairly certain we must surely have some hair dressers on here, maybe one of them will jump in with an answer.


Blondie 04-27-2003 10:47 AM


Thanks, Shawn. I noticed, also, that I didn't make myself clear. I should have titled the subject, "Pros and Cons of Electric Hair Curlers". I have left the impression I meant plain hair curlers, and I didn't mean those.

(If I may ask, since the FC format has been changed,--pray tell,--HOW do I get in contact with the list of topics which includes all the states?? I get the beginning one with Idle Chat, etc., but am lost on the rest.)

Thanks again.

Blondie 04-27-2003 11:12 AM


I see you knew I meant the heated curling irons; not the plain curlers as it sounded. I was tired when I posted, so please excuse me. I should have called them Electric curling irons, I guess. As I was looking at a few, I wondered if they really worked, and how well. Quite awhile back Maury had a show on Make-overs for those with unruly hair. Those on the show had TERRIBLE hair--like bushel baskets, and all frizz, as if a brush or comb never had been used. (Personally, I'd have cut most of it off before I'd go anywhere like that.) Anyhow, a man in the beauty business really did a wonderful job on all of them. They were completely changed for the better. He used something he invented called a ceramic iron on them. It used less heat, and seemed to be like two flat paddles that opened so hair could lay inbetween, and then it was pulled downward to straighten their hair. When he finished with them, their hair was like silk!! It was amazing! Everyone in the audience was given one. An offer was made to the public that they could buy one for $99.00. That lasted for a short time, and when I checked their email address, it had gone to $129.00!!

I wondered if anyone on FC ever had heard of this product, and if so, what the opinion was regarding it?

nagymom 04-27-2003 11:56 AM

Blondie--it sure sounds like a great device but PRICEY! Have you checked Ebay for it? I've never seen one myself but my curly headed redheaded daughter would probably like it too.

For the states thing, go to forum listings, our community Which is the first forum listed) then scroll down to local and regional. This will take you to all the states threads then.


Dadia 05-20-2003 11:15 AM

Blondie, I saw that show, too!
And I'd LOVE to know where to purchase one of those ceramic curling iron thingies. I've search high & low ever since that time, googling, Yahoo...checked out all the cosmetic places but have had absolutely NO luck. PLEASE, could you post their email address or the name of the company?

And yes, EVERYONE's hair that the guy worked on looked absolutely fabulous!! I'm a klutz w/curling irons, but that thing appeared so amazing that I'm hoping that if I "wave it around my head" enough times, my hair will get the idea! :-O


Blondie 05-20-2003 11:49 AM


The email given on the show was:--

I looked into it right after the show, and it was being offered at that time for $99.00. Very shortly after that I found it offered for $129.99. I was very interested, because my hair used to be naturally wavy, and thought it would do well on it. It was even the lower price that held me back, because I never have used any type of curling iron. I have damaged my hair enough with coloring through the years, so that along with age (soon to be 80!), has done a number on my hair. Still I would like to try one. Well, when I found the price was even higher, I just forgot it.
So, good luck to you. If you do get one, please let us know how you like it, okay?

Dadia 05-20-2003 01:24 PM

Thanks, Blondie!
I'll check it out.

nagymom 05-20-2003 01:29 PM

They are listed on Ebay--the cheapest I saw was around $16 but still had some time left on it with several bids already. Most were going for $50 and up.

Good luck!


Blondie 05-20-2003 04:24 PM


I keep hearing about EBay, but how does one get in touch with it? I'm not too swift on some of these things. Thanks.

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