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Crest White Stripes
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  • crest strips
    I splurged and had my teeth done professionally because they told me that the over the counter stuff was too weak to work. I had nice results, but it was $300 for top and bottom.I only did the top at first because I wanted to see if it really made a difference. Then used the extra to do the bottoms.
    Anyway, I noticed a friend had REALLY white teeth and I mentioned it..she told me she used the crest strips. You only have to do it for 30 min. twice a day for two weeks. She does hers every six months. I had a coupon for $7 and they had them on sale for $25, I ended up paying $17. Thought with her recommendation and the sale, it was worth the try.
    My husband's teeth had become yellowed from coffee and red wine. He used the portion as directed, but there is a lot of waste on the peel off strips I peeled off what was left and used it for myself. Granted, it didn't stay on as good, but we both got results for the price of one! Just tried it these past two weeks.
    We laugh because we do it together and clamp the teeth shut to keep everything in place, and can't talk for 30 min. The taste isn't great, but if you brush right after you take them off, it leaves your teeth feeling very smooth. We are amazed at the difference in his teeth. I even gave some of the scraps to my daughter, who has caps from losing her two front teeth as a child. It isn't supposed to work on artificial teeth, but we thought we would try it since it was free. It did not make a dramatic difference, but there was some improvement. SHe said that she was encouraged enough to get a coupon, watch for a sale and give it the required time .
  • Whitening strips for teeth
    Smiley Gal
    The following is information I received from my dentist.
    Do not use any type of whitening product (except of course tooth paste) on your teeth. The active ingredient in these items is Hydrogen Peroxide. The peroxide damages the tooth causing them to crumble. (it breaks down the hard outer layer). So I would say not to use them.
    Sincerly Yours
    Jackie S
  • KimMcG: thanks for that... yeah.. I can open my mouth enough to keep them dry for 30 seconds or more. Thats a great tip.

    Hatvany: I am not sure but I think most of the whitenting done in Dentists offices including lazer is using a Hydrogen Peroxide gel base.

    Even toothpaste scratches the enamel. I think its a calculated risk that for most people wont result in crumbled teeth. Perhaps if your teeth are already damaged there might be more of a problem.

    I am curious if Your dentist does whitening in his office and what he uses.
    Heidi/ middleagedmommy
  • How about just trying baking soda and then brush with a regular toothpaste. Works for me! Sometimes I use baking soda & hydrogine peroxide it works too. My kids use it, too. It is so much cheaper and my dentist recomends it over anything else. Your breath is fresher too.
  • Whitening products
    My doctor used some sort of stone to clean my teeth. He will not use whitners because he has seen too many people loose their teeth from the whitners. The only reason he used pumace stone on my teath is because I am allergic to some of the ingreadients that they put in the milder cleaners.

    Jackie S
  • Jackie,
    After just reading that, all I can picture is the sound of finger nails scratching down a chalk board EEEEKKKKKK!!! LOL I can even imagine someone doing that to your teeth.... Hope it worked!
    Bought the strips only after I got a really good coupon and threw them out after a couple tries. They tasted horrible, peroxide bubbled all over my mouth and I got such a stomach ache after I swallowed. Plus they only cover the teeth in front, still can see yellow teeth when you smile.
    My dentist offered a big discount on whitening this past month-just got the molds back and have been doing it for 2 days. I can tell the differnce all ready
    They explained to me that the percentage of peroxide or whitener in the professional stuff was much higher (15-20%) than in anything OTC. If you keep it up you end up spending tons of money, probably more than a the gel in the fridge and it lasts for years.
  • I have never tried the whitening strips, but I do use Plus White Gel toothpaste and I think this is the best stuff I have ever tried. It is a little expensive ($5.99 at Walmart) but well worth it.
  • i tried those crest strips-yes you have to devote an hour a day to putting them in your mouth. and yes...sometimes...if i hadn't eaten they made me a lil icky with the backwash....but they worked. my teeth don't look like the osmond's chiclets or anything but they made my teeth much whiter! i am one of those coffee drinking, smokers that they say to use two boxes of-and i haven't bought the second box yet. lol it is definately a commitment.