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  • Hoovers are OK, any are just........
    Hoovers with the 5 rotating brushes are fine. I have one and I love it. I have all carpeting in my house even in the kitchen, which takes quite a beating sometimes. When I am done it looks like new and stays that way for about 4 weeks believe it or not. This is what is important not just with a Hoover or Bissell or even the rug doctor to rent but all of them. I use very warm water, (some of the newer ones keep the water hot in the tank) and I take my time and keep going over until I see the water a little cleaner, which you can see coming in. Then this is the most important of any step you do. I RINSE, RINSE RINSE!! I rinse until the water is fairly clean. No carpet will stay clean with soap from the cleaner still in the carpet. Even though the cleaner sucks up the water it still leaves dirt and soap residue in the carpet. You will see that when you empty the pickup tank. Would you wash your clothes without rinsing them then spinning them out. No I hardly think so. Carpets are no different. Try this and you will see what I mean. Good Luck and enjoy clean carpets.

  • Sueanne, ckblowers, & nagymom--

    Thanks for all your suggestions, and information. I also went over and over the whole carpeting, and I did rinse a lot of all. I'll do more rinsing the next time, though. I don't know anyone with water softener/conditioning, so that lets me out of that. I do use hot water from the tap as suggested in the papers which came with the machine. I have some Hoover solution left from my other machine, and it says on the bottle it also can be used with machines other than Hoover. Has anyone of you used different solutions with your machines? I know the information says not to use any with pine, or lemon in it as it can destroy the water bladder.

    I want to try to clean my dining room chairs seats, too. The set had been my sil's, and things were spilled on them. I guess there's nothing lost in trying.

    Also, I have something called, Oxiclean which can be used on carpets among other things. I thought I'd try a little of that in the water next time, too.

    Again, thanks to all for your information. I do love this machine, and it is going to get a lot of use.

  • Shawn--

    No need to apologize. You did make the offer, and you DID try, and I appreciate it. I'd have included you in my last post, but I am doing the laundry at the same time, and had my mind on running out to the garage to check the dryer. --Sorry! I do wonder if Alzheimer's may be on the way sometimes! It's getting to the point where I forget from one end of the house to the other why I went there. LOLOLOL! Actually, it's no laughing matter at times, because some of the things I do are so dumb. One good thing is that I find I'm not the only one. --There's lots of company.
  • Good for you!!! Your trying!! I use Oxiclean in all my white wash and it works great too. Never thought of putting in with the Hoover shampoo. I'll try that next time, and it will boost the cleaning power of the shampoo. Thanks for that idea. Glad you rinse, I know alot of people that don't and they think home shampooing is not worth doing. I wonder Why lol. Carolyn

  • ckblowers--

    I can hardly wait for the next time to clean the carpet. I feel like a kid with a new toy! I meant to use the Oxiclean when I did it this time, but forgot it. I keep it under the launry tub in the garage, and behind some other things, so didn't see it to remind me in time. I'll try it on the chair seats first since I just did the carpet. Actually, I bought it several weeks ago, with the intentions of using it for the carpet, but at that time still had the Hoover. Oh well, it's there for next time. I just love this machine!!
  • I brought I Hoover Steamcleaner with the five rotating brushes last year when my Regina Steam Cleaner quit on me. What a world of difference. I love to clean the carpets. The rotating brushes work wonders on the carpet.

    A year ago we replaced our old carpet of 17 years with a beautiful carpet in our livingroom, hall and stairs to our finished basement. I have cleaned it three times since. Never can believe how dirty the water is when it is suctioned out of the carpet. It is so much fun to clean the carpets.

    We have three dogs here--two are my daughters who are here with me during the day. They are good dogs but one must admit that they contribute to some of the dirt and dog hair I find in the cleaner when I rinse out the water compartment.

    Good luck with your cleaner.

    Valerie M.

  • ValerieM--

    I had my heart set on the Hoover with the five rotating brushes for a very long time, but when I finally went to get one, and finding the brushes were so soft, I wondered if they rally would do a good job. I took time to look at the Bissell, and upon finding a stiffer-bristled roller brush thought that would do a better job, but wondered whether the roller would not do as well as the rotating bushes. Then, the longer I took looking at both I was so undecided, I kept going back and forth between them. I decided, finally, after 20 minutes of doing this, to try the Bissell. It cost $50.00 less than the Hoover. I would try it, and if I didn't care for it would return it for the Hoover. Well, I liked it so well, I am keeping it.

    Back in 1971 I had bought a smaller, two-rotating-brush scrubber from Sears, with a dispenser, but nothing to suck up excess solution. It had two stiff brushes for bare floors, and two softer ones for carpeting. It did a fantastic job on the carpeting, and I used it for many years, then gave it to my daughter, who used it until the motor finally burned out. When I first had it I lived in a house with a basement which was tiled. It was used down there, too, but I had to mop up excess liquids. It did a good job on black heel marks, etc., and I loved it. It also had soft pads to attach for buffing waxed floors, so that was handy for the basement floor as well. The floor looked so good afterward.
  • Hi, I just resently just bought a Hoover Steamcleaner ( with the five rotating brushes, detachable tools for couches etc. It even has an attachment for your hardwood or linolium floors) from Sears.


    -It's very compact, everything you need is attached to the machine, so you dont have to go around looking for the attachmnets, ( they are attached
    - It sucks up about 98 % of the water, the floors dry VERY FAST.

    I payed about $400 for it but , It was the best investment I have ever made. Especially when you have two kids and a husband at home continuously spilling stuff all over my carpets.

    I didnt realize how dirty my carpets were until i started cleaning them. It was like day and night.... You definitly could see where I had cleaned and where I hadn't. It works like a dream, I thought the same thing about the brushes, but it gets the job done!!


    - havent found any yet !!!!

    I would recommend the Hoover to any and everyone . I am very pleased.!!!!
  • Hoover Steam Cleaner
    My Husband heard me talking so much about the Carpet Steam Cleaners he went to Sears today to check them out.
    We did get the Hoover Steam Cleaner with the 6 brushes. Has a light to tell you when the carpet is drier, pickup complete or still wet . Also has 3 speeds- off, low & high. Was a closeout model so I saved alot. Was even able to deduct another 10 % since it was the floor model. Looks easy to run will probably give it a try later. Hope they come out as good as yours. I have allergies so I think this should work out great. Should take a before and after picture for you girls to see. lol


  • Sueanne--

    It sounds as if you got a winner of a machine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. If I live long enough to wear out my Bissell, I will go to the Hoover now that have read all posts about it. I'm not sorry I got the Bissell, as it does work well, and is so easy to use. It sucked up excess moisture well, and for what little was left, I turned on a fan. It was fine in no time at all. I m just so tickled with this machine, I can't wait to use it again. I think I'll even get into a regimen of using it once a month. It seems EVeryone is amazed at the dirty water extracted after cleaning. I shouldn't admit it, but mine was absolutely BLACK!! I never would have guessed from the way we are careful.