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  • My printer died. It was the second Kodak so I will not be buying another one of those. I like a multi function machine. What has worked for you?
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  • I have had Canon, Lexmark and Brother-my Dad has a Dell. I hate Dell, didn't really like the Lexmark but loved my Canon and Brother. My Brother is multi-function-but it's getting harder to find the ink for it, everyone seems to be going to HP or Dell, although you can find Canon in the office supply stores-I prefer a printer where I can buy each ink color separately too...
  • I have had Canon, Lexmark, HP, Dell and Epson. I really hated the Dell as ink was so hard to find. The Lexmark ink was so $$$! Ditto the HP. I am leaning towards a HP but want to find a good deal not pay $100.
  • About three years ago my dh found an HP laser all-in-one printer at the thrift store for about $50. It was still in the box and nothing was wrong with it. The ink is expensive but lasts for a long time. We've only had to replace ink once in three years.
  • I have a Kodak as well. The two I've had were still under warrenty when something went wrong. I don't mind getting a new printer, but the ink is outrageous for some of those printers. DD has a lexmark and she uses my kodak for college all the time.
  • This last printer is six months old. I tried the old printer with the new cartridge and yep it is the cartridge that plugged up the jets. At the rate I have gone thru Kodak printers might as well have a HP. I can get the cartridges refilled at Walgreens. Now to find a deal.
  • Bluebird, the prices will probably be lower after Christmas.
  • Great! I don't know if I can wait until after Christmas... need a printer for my business.
  • I believe that Walmart has an HP for about $74-unless that was a Thanksgiving special. But they do have some good deals on printers-just wish they'd still stock the Brother ink since I got my printer there somewhere around 2 years ago. If I change my printer now, it'll probably be for a wireless printer but the Brother is doing well for us at the moment.