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  • Does anyone use Skype? How does it work?
  • I'm eagerly awaiting to read some opinions on this as well.
  • My Dd was going to use Skype this past summer when she was overseas. Unfortunately she did not have internet access other than a public internet at the library so we were unable to do it.
    Her friends in other locations used it and were able to stay in touch with their family and friends while they were overseas. I think the thing they liked the best was that they were able see each other as they were away from home all summer.
  • Skype is a great dad uses it all the time to communicate with his buisnesses and wit us...I have talked to Patti and Meg using cost involved...just a mic needed.......I have not re hooked it up since my computer crashed ......easy to use.....just download the program...

    Hugs debbie
  • I have a friend that talks to relatives in Italy. They are saving alot of money instead of using the phone. Once you set a time for both to be on the computer the rest is easy.

    Sounds like a good way to keep in touch.
  • I have Skype, but I don't use it as often as I did during college (in 2007). It is another form of PC messaging. You can use PC camera to send pictures as well as text over the internet and in some case you can make phone calls too.
  • LOve Skype
    I use Skype all the time. I use it mostly PC to PC and have never used the video capability as I can't be bothered to hook up my web cam. My brother has a web cam visit from Australia to UK one Sunday afternoon a week as he and a friend and wives have a drink and a chat together. I just downloaded the program and found it really easy to setup and use.

    I have just moved into a temproary home and have no land line telephone so have bought Skype credits which allows me to ring home telephones from my computer and talk. All I need is my microphone. Cheaper than using my cell phone.

    I wholeheartedly give Skype a tick of approval.
  • Skype is mostly use for video chat.People use that to talk with their relatives and friends outside their country and save money with that but i think now Facebook also make video call easy so no need to download Skype........
  • I use Skype to talk to my kids and grandkids. Once you download it on a computer that has a webcam or a webcam attached to it. You have find the person to call on Skype. They have to be signed in so you can talk to them. It has a slight delay so take your time. It took me sometime to get use to it.
  • skype
    Just got a new laptop so connecting on Skype was a breeze. Talking and seeing everyone was better than on a telephone. We laughed and cried the first time seeing relatives I have not seen in years. I would recommend it.