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ajrsmom 09-18-2002 08:43 PM

What does your family consider goulash? Will you share your recipe?
I have only had goulash one time and it was my MIL's house. It was very good......a tomato-y sauce with beef chunks served over bread.

Ive come to realize though that the word GOULASH has many different meaning from family to family. We never had a goulash recipe in our family that I know of.

Do you have one? Will you share your family secrets? :-D


hoboswife 09-19-2002 07:37 AM

I have to tell everyone of this little goulash story. I was at my sisters house the other day and we stayed for dinner. My nephew had his friend over too. He asked his mother what was for dinner and she replied "goulash." He turned and told his friend that his mom makes the best goulash. He said it was so good that when she died, she would be cooking it for God in heaven. The new name of my sisters goulash is now Godlash. My sister was a bit dissappointed though. She thought when she goes to heaven, she would be done cooking. ROFLMAO ROFLMAO

ajrsmom 09-19-2002 07:39 AM

LOL!! That's a good one!!! :-D

Care to share her secret recipe??? ;-) ;-)

Please, Please, Please!!!!!! :daisy:

hoboswife 09-19-2002 05:26 PM

I think this is how she did it. When she makes it, she makes alot because her husbands business is in thier backyard and all the employee's raid her refigerator. She must feed the masses!ROFLMAO

5 lbs hamburger
large box of shell noodles
1 onion
fresh garlic
1 cup butter
2 large cans stewed tomatoes

Boil noodles as you brown the hamburger and onions and diced garlic. Drain juice from canned tomatoes and squish tomatoes (thats the fun part!:-P:: ) Drain noodles and rinse. Drain grease from hamburger. It a large pot put tomatoes that you squished with only that juice, hamburger, noodles, butter, salt, pepper. Warm it all together. It's Great.

I am sorry if this is not an official looking recipe. I am not much of a cook myself so I just am calling it as I saw her cook it. Hope I didn't miss anything. I will call her and make sure that this is right. I wouldn't want to mess up her Godlash!!

katykat 09-21-2002 06:37 AM

Goulash Recipies
My wonderful Grandmother used to make goulash when I was little. That was the best part about going to her house (well, maybe not the best part). Every time we were there to visit, goulash was always requested and she was always more than happy to make it for us. After she passed away my Dad said that I should pass the goulash tradition on to my children and tell them how Grandma Belle used to make it for me when I was young. I made it alright and it didn't taste anything like hers. Why is it that even if you have the exact ingredients that someone used you can make it to taste the same?

Anyway, here is how my Grandma Belle made hers. It's very simple but it tasted wonderful.;-)

Grandma Belle's Goulash

Spagetti noodles (cooked)
Tomato sauce
Hamburger (cooked and crumbled)
Chopped Mushrooms (optional)

Simple but wonderful!!

katykat^^ :daisy:

bierwood 09-21-2002 06:48 AM

My version of goulash is pretty simple- just like the others listed. I brown a pound of ground beef, with some onion and garlic, salt and pepper. Add a jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce (although, if I remember right, the goulash I had as a child always seemed to have extra "veggies" in- so you may want to go for the Chunky or Garden Style sauce). Add some cooked macaroni noodles- it was ALWAYS macaroni noodles!;-)
Prego makes a sauce that doesn't require cooking the noodles first. I think it's called "pasta bake sauce" (or something like that). To use this instead, just brown your ground beef, add the macaroni, sauce and one full jar of water. Then you finish it off in the oven.

My husband doesn't like to eat spaghetti (he says it's too much work!), but he always enjoys the goulash!(())


Jole Blond 09-21-2002 06:53 AM

Family Goulash?
This is what I grew up knowing as goulash (sp?). I am almost 60 years old and I learned to make this from watching my grandmother make it. I can't give you any measurements, just the ingredients, since that is the way I make it.
Put ground beef in a skillet, when about half done add salt and pepper and chopped onion (I use lots, we love onion!!), salt & pepper, easy on these since you may have to adjust. When the meat is done and lightly browned I add chili powder and mix well, then pour in a quart or more tomatoes, depends on how much meat you have cooked, let come to a simmer then taste for your seasonings, I usually have to add more chili powder. I go more by how it smells than how it tastes, so you can adjust the chili powder to your family. I also use minced garlic in this, again it is used for your taste. I let this simmer while I am cooking up a pot of elbow macaroni. Drain the pasta and mix it with the sauce.
I could eat this every day if my DH didn't fuss.

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without fame; without a great name;
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stekim 09-21-2002 06:55 AM

I know there are alot of goulash recipes out there & none are like mine;-) Just kidding LOL - My kids love it - Brown sausage, hamburg, onions, mushrooms & garlic & add in your favorite scetti sauce - Mix together with cooked egg noodles and then mix mozzarella all the way through it and on top. I usually bake just until the cheese is melted. It's their favorite. My mother always made it with Macaroni.......I know there is a lot of goulash recipes with big chunks of meat & gravy - yum, will have to try them sometime ^^

MNNorsk 09-21-2002 10:05 AM

:) The honest to goodness goulash is called Hungarian Goulash and it has a brown gravy and chunks of round steak or chuck.

Our version was whatever was in the refrigerator and pantry. Usually it was browned ground beef, onions, garlic and celery. Sometimes I use tomato sauce or tomato soup; spaghetti sauce (flavored) is good. Anything tomato works. I simmer all that for about an hour and then add cooked noodles, not macaroni. At the end I add a can of baby peas. It never turns out the same, but it is always good!

Mom2LonelyOnly 09-21-2002 10:54 AM

My recipe is just a little bit different than others.

1 lb. browned and drained ground beef
1 box/bag any type noodles (cooked)
1/2-1 bottle small size ketchup (enough to cover everything and a little to spare)
2-3 Tbs. Mrs. Dash

Mix all together and reheat a little to mix in the flavors.

I also rinse the meat after I brown it to remove as much fat as I can. Not necessary though.

It is sooooo Good!

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