Shizophrenia in children

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  • Local Support Groups
    For all the parents on here:

    We have 2 support group's for Austium/Aspergers that meets monthly in our county. One is run by the Family Support Network. One is run by a local theraphy center that treats autistic children. They are both wonderful. They have programs that help with particular areas of concern, allow time to vent (talk to other parents who understand) I have made many friends and look forward to this group each month. I would suggest each of you look into any possible support groups in your area. And if you don't find one, try to find some local agency to help you start one. It is well worth the time and effort. Ours also provides daycare for the kids if you pre-register and is held at a local church (that has a room that is good for them.
  • Deidra, if you decide on scouts again, contact your local council and give them a copy of his evaluation. By what you have mentioned he will be considered a special needs scout. My grandson is a special needs scout. So far he has not had to do any different requirements for his badges, the only thing he asks if he can type things out instead of writing, due to poor motor skills. He has a lot of fun in scouts, he will be ranking to his Star rank in a few weeks.
  • This problem is not very common in kids, Adults are more prone to this disorder. But once child is diagnosed with this disorder he needs proper treatment otherwise condition will ruin with the time. Isolation, lack of motivation, oversleeping, Delusions & Hallucinations are common in Schizophrenia.