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  • Hi everyone. Does anyone know how far in advance I could make up my jar mixes for Christmas gifts? I don't want to wait until the last minute and it would be nice to make them ahead of time and then that's one less thing I have to do in December. But I don't want them to go bad. Didn't know if them being sealed in a jar will keep them fresh or not.

    Anyone know? If so let me know what you think?


  • cookie mixes
    id like to know too id also like some of the recipes for these mixes id like to do this for my coworkers also have another great idea got off a cooking show make your cookie dought roll into tube that will fit a pringles can decorate cans with wallpaper or fabric and enclose cooking directions but how long will these keep too???? great question made me think about shelf life of my frozen dogh too?? thanlks!!!!!
  • I'd guess that as long as you have them in an air tight jar they would last several months.

  • Hi Jane.
    THat's what I thought too but didn't want to make up a bunch for Christmas gifts and then have them not be good until I give them away.

    Thanks for the input!

  • Sorry, Blondie.
    I thought your name was Jane. Now I noticed it was June or Blondie. OOOOPPPPSSS!

  • If you are making Jar Gifts start with the freshest possible ingredients. Remember that baking powder and baking soda lose potency.

    This also holds true for mixes in jars you may have recieved as gifts.

    Here is a link that will tell you the shelf life of many comon ingredients.


    Hope this has been helpful.
  • Hi Jinny...
    Thank you for that website. I found out a lot of things in my pantry should be thrown away! Wow! Didn't know some of those things.

    As for my mixes, I guess I'll start my list of ingred. I'll need for the mixes I'm making and I'll wait until I'm ready to make them in December. I want them to be fresh for the people that I'm giving them to.

    Thanks again.

  • My experience says to be careful with jar recipes that have brown sugar in them. The flour, oatmeal, rice crispies (or the like) will pull the moisture from the brown sugar and the brown sugar will DRY TO A SOLID ROCK in a short amount of time... thus frustrating the recipient of the wonderful Cookies In A Jar gift!
  • Hmmmmm.
    Hi Sal. Well that's not good. I've never had any problems with that happening but then I use my jar mixes right away. I can never wait to try them. I just would hope that everyone is like that.

    Thanks for the tip. I'll remember that.

  • I make jar mixes as gifts and a few extras for my own cupboard. Why not give to yourself that time savings One trick for the brown sugar: Put all the other ingredients in first, then place a piece of plastic wrap overlapping the edges. Put the brown sugar on top, fold over the plastic wrap tightly and put a tight lid on it.