When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

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View Poll Results: When do you take down XMAS decorations Before or After the New Year?
Before Jan. 1st
After Jan. 1st
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  • We take our's down on Jan. 1st.
  • In our home the tree stays up until Epiphany. Christmas isn't over until the Kings come. In fact, the Kings don't go into the manger scene until Epiphany either.
    Jan. 2 is the earliest possible day for Epiphany so the tree is always up at least that long.
    Generally I take it down when the kids are back in school.
  • My answer for this year will probably be the same as last years answer. Depending on what is going on in our house at the time. Im usually ready to pack up all of the stuff by then and reclaim all of the space in my house, lol!!
  • We take our tree down on January 6th.
  • My answer is the same as last year too. We do not take it down before Jan. 6 as that is when the three Kings make it to our Nativity scene too. So the tree may come down on the seventh or stay up for two more weeks depending on the mood and the time.
  • In the past the children have always wanted to put the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving weekend, so we usually took it down the day after Christmas.
    This year is the first year that both the children are out on their own, so I may wait until latter to put the Christmas tree up, and may leave it up until the new year.
  • Mine goes up the day after Thanksgiving and down the day after Little Christmas....

  • We get our real tree the second week in December and keep it up until January 6th.
  • This year, our tree and the decorations are coming down early--this week some time!
  • Christmas tree
    I have had enough of Christmas by the 26th LOL< LOL, but seriously I don't have a tradition as to when I take my Christmas tree down, just whenever we have the time and that is usually before Jan. 1st., as DH drives a school bus and is a busy person, as I am. Happy New Year everybody. I hope it is a healthy, happy & prosperous 2009.