Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

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  • Haley's grandmom
    We always had a real tree when I was growing up. My dad would go down behind our house and cut one down. Then as the years went by it got harder and harder to find a nice one so we started buying a real tree. Now living in West Tn we can't fet fir balsoms, they use cedar trees where I am. Sorry, but cedar is not a Christmas tree,it needs to be a balsom of some kind. So now our tree comes out of a box every year, it's pretty but doesn't smell like a real one. The sprays that you can buy jsut don't smel;l right.
  • Stitches,beautiful pictures

    We always had a real tree until I became ill and couldn't stand the smell of the pine,so hubby went out a few years ago and bought a fake one,just not the same.
  • Growing up we had a fake tree. So, of course, when I got married, I had to be the opposite! We have always gotten a real tree. The first couple of years, we bought them already cut, but then found a great place to go cut them ourself (by "our" I mean my dh!!). Dd loves to go and cut a tree down, she even helps her daddy. In our last house, we had a cathedral ceiling and no furniture in the living room, so we could get the biggest and widest tree we could find! Where we are now, we have to be a little more conscientous of the size, but they always smell so good and we have a great day of hunting out the perfect tree!
  • FAKE!!! One year, we got a LIVE tree, brought it home, set it up, a few hours later, after the tree 'warmed up' a little, the white 'snow' underneath began movin. Hundred of ticks came out of hibernation and trekked across the snow. I have never seen anyone get a tree up and out of a house so quick!!!

  • We use to always have a real tree but now use fake ones which I don't like near as well. And really miss the "fresh pine" smell. Never had any probs with "any unwanted visitors" in the house due to real trees. What a shame that was for you and family. Since moving and now will have my own tree instead of shared one with Gina and the kids, will have to buy one. Space is a bit limited here so it will not be a really large one. Hope I can find all of MY ornaments. Bougt 4 new ones yesterday they are pretty picture frames that look like snow flakes they will hold, My Mom, Pop, Otto and beloved Bob in them. Got this idea from some one here in FC. I think it is a great idea. We lost Pop Jan 2 of '91 Mom Jan 7th of '95, My Otto Oct 18th of "95 and Dear Bob Nov 21 of '95 as you can see '95 was not a good year for this family. For those wondering and not knowing Bob was a dear friend of the family and like a brother to me. He lived with me for many years then moved to CO to be with his daughter and was there a short while when God called him home. Sorry should not have rambled on this is about trees right?
  • Patti, I guess it is not really about the trees, but the memories that surround them. You were not rambling at all, your story touched my heart. Makes me think of the memories we have and how hard it will be when something like that happens to me. I have had a fairly easy life. Love my husband and kids and family, and I love to see their faces every year I tell them why I am not getting a LIVE tree. :-) I think being in Louisiana, live is not the way to go, since they erupt with life. haha. Thanks for your comment, Rachel
  • Thank you Rachel nice of you to say that. I miss them all very much especially at these times. Also lost a beloved Sis in law in Dec of '95.
    Yes guess you are right it is the memories that we associate with the trees.
    My friend Catherine's fam lives in LA too, right outside of NO for the life of me can not remember the name of town but I do know it lol it begins with S. Her mom is here visiting her right now.
    Guess if $$wise I can do it will get my tree this month not sure yet on that. But Gina may get a new one so will take over her really pretty one she used at our old place. Time will tell
  • Mariana..I love your set a lovely table...and .... I love the furniture

  • Patti, we have some ornaments like you mentioned. In fact, someone in DH's family spent last summer making "collage" picture ornaments for EACH family in the whole can, making sure to include a picture of all of the older family members who had passed away. Those ornaments will always be a family treasure.
  • Real as long as we can do it barring allergies and other inconveniences. We have had hatches too!

    I spray/spritz our tree with water to keep it moist and decorate it a few days before Christmas. We cut the tree early before the cold and slush, slice off a piece of the trunk too, mount and then enjoy the fragrance.

    The tree comes down usually New Year's Day or Eve or whatever. Only once when I was rooming with a friend did we leave the tree up until March. By then it was so dry neither of us girls wanted to touch it!