Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

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  • REAL!!! The only way to go. We've done both -cut our own and bought off a lot. Kind've depends on how deep the snow is and the age my kids were. Cutting down a tree by yourself with two little ones was a bit much. Last year I finally gave up and waited in the car while my two boys found the "perfect" tree and cut it down. I thought it looked a bit large as we hoisted it onto the car roof and I was right, although the oldest (17 then) wouldn't admit it of course. It turned out to be 11 ft. and we have a 7 1/2 ft. ceiling! What a time we had getting it inside! Of course, it couldn't be trimmed off outside. LOL. We use the same ornaments every year, some from when I was little. Some gifts, and I get my boys each an ornament every year-some years that was almost all they got . We pack theirs away separately and some day they can take them with them for their own first tree. May not be long now either as my oldest is a college freshman this year. We put it up a weekend or two before Christmas, depending on just when Christmas falls, and it comes down on Jan. 6.
  • Fake tree here.
    I like real trees but they don't like me back. I am allergic to something in them, and I wind up having an asthma attack. So, I guess I'll have to choose breathing over having a real tree
  • Artificial tree for me.

    As a child we always had a real tree at christmas time, and therefore when DH & I had our first christmas together (12 years ago) we decided to buy a real one. However, it was a disaster. When we went out to choose the tree it was a miserable, cold, rainy afternoon and we ended up arguing as we couldn't agree on which one to buy!

    The following year we decided to buy an artificial tree. So much easier...LOL
  • Hi all,
    Well for us it is now fake trees.
    When the kids were little, we put up a real tree one year, very beautiful.
    Then my little one got very sick was sick all through the Christmas holiday season.
    I took her to the Dr. they gave her medicines, and said it was allergy's. But I still did not connect it to the live tree.
    But after the christmas tree was took down and took outside she got better.
    So no more live trees for us
  • Newcrafts, I completely sympathize. If I'm visiting someone with a real tree I have to stay out of the room where the tree is!

    Luckily you can find very pretty artificial trees. And it's the love that counts, not whether the needles are real or plastic.

  • I grew up with and have always had a real tree except for the last few years. when I moved to this house I bought one in a pot and then planted it out back..had intended to do that every year and am glad I didn't because that is the tree that uprooted and had to be cut down between two hurricanes last year.. my "fake" one is not the biggest but more than enough for me...
  • Fake trees here...a 7 1/2 ft in our livingroom window, a 4 ft on the sill in our bay window (both prelit with white lights) and 3 fiber optic trees (one in the family room, one in the study and one in the bathroom). I started collecting fiber optic angels a few years ago. I think I'm a fiber optic junkie. LOL

    I love Christmas. I prefer white lights because they remind me of the purity of the Son of God...the very first Christmas gift.
  • We use a fake one because in Spain most people don't have a yard, and it so horrible to see it die. In fact, most real trees come with cut roots, so they are already dying when they are sold (complete roots are too big for a house). The idea of having a living being starving and dying in my living room is opposite to my idea of the joy of christmas. I post some pictures of my ornies for last year.


  • Very pretty and festive, Stitches!
  • Thank you, Barb! That's the way we lay the table in Christmas Eve.