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  • Christmas Decorations...
    Well, it is nice to hear you all are getting your homes decorated this year...I started early... even before Thanksgiving. It seems like it goes by so fast that I thought I would enjoy it more if I started even earlier than ever! It is exciting. I have all my stuff up, tree decorations accumulated over the years. I collect snow man... they are so cute. I have a few santa's too. I am looking to buy a new nativity scene. I am waiting for the one that I can't live without. They are very expensive, depending on what they are made out of. We are enjoying the snow that came down in the night. It has been on and off all day. Right now it is coming down in big flakes! Tomorrow I plan on playin' with my son out in it! God blesses us even with snow!
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  • decorations are getting put on the tree slowly,and lots more to do,just to tired after being gone all day yesterday,shopping need a break today,i collect angels,i do have a few i got about two years ago ,when hubby and i took my daughter to dolly wood,and we stopped in a few stores and i pick up a couple more,
    hope you all have wonderful holiday.
  • Tree Clubhouse Hallway
    This is a picture of the tree in My Club House Hallway. It has such beautiful decorations of angels I wanted to share it.


  • Sueanne--

    That tree is perfectly gorgeous.

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    Sueanne ~ Your Club House Christmas Tree is "Picture Perfect" ~ ~

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  • Decorations
    Thank you girls.... All the decorations are done by volunteers. We have a manager but all volunteers running the condo association. They all take pride in keeping the place in tip top shape since we all own a share. Every day you see woman running around doing there part in the office & printing newsletters. These are woman & men all in their seventies & eighties. Hope I have their energy when I get there. Here is another tree in the main club room.


  • trees
    Your trees are very pretty. I am trying to send a pix of one to a friend also on this forum and see if she can send it to the group to see. It is also an angel tree. Take care all and God bless, PattiG
  • We finally got our tree up and decorated! I told dh it was in his best interest because I'm planning on taking the kids' X-mas pics in front of the tree as opposed to going to a studio. Also, I wrapped two HUGE boxes to put outside in the snow to take the kids pictures in--I saw something similar done on a beach, but I like the snow better. I got all my indoor stuff up, and we got some outdoor lights from my mil that got put up. Our house is looking very Christmas-y lol!!
  • Great Looking Trees
    Thumbs up on the trees! They are so great looking. We are putting our tree up today! We will put the lights on it and when my ds gets home from school we will start the decorations! Since our place is small we are putting up 1/2 of the tree...the side towards the wall will have no branches...just the front and sides! It makes the tree look like it is growing out of the wall...hope my ds likes it...he can be so fussy sometimes...I can hear him now"Great Mom, we have half a tree!" lol I hope it turns out okay. I'll let you know. lol

    Mild day here today...looks more like spring, snow is melting and roads are bare! This might be a great winter afterall. I hate moving snow everyday! It poops you out and to tired to do anything else! lol

  • Janet--I was going to post this in the MI forum, but since you mentioned snow...;-) --we're not going to get any more "significant" snow this year. How do I know? Because we now have a snow blower and don't have to shovel our driveway!! It's actually quite funny, because as we were digging ourselves out after we got hit, I looked up at the sky and said, "Lord, I really want a snowblower. Shoveling sucks!" Lo and behold, the next day, dh's dad called and offered us their old one. Dh picked it up on his way home from work, because we were expecting another foot, and NOTHING CAME!! Oh, Life is GRAND lol!!

    I think half a tree would be cool next to a wall--why waste all that space when you can't see the back of the tree, anyway? Ours is right in front of the window this year, so I had to put some of our nicer ornaments 'round back.