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  • Help! I know we're talking about decorations on this thread but I'm in desperate need of info & NO ONE has responded to my thread (in Idle Chit Chat) on the following topic. I hope I'm not commiting an illegal operation (lol) but could one of you respond if you can??!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!

    Rules for Christmas Exchange Game
    I'm having a small Christmas dinner party on Saturday with some close friends. Since I have several cute gifts not earmarked for anyone, I thought we would have that game where you have one present per guest and then when the first person opens a present, the second person has the option of asking the first person for his, but I don't remember exactly how the rules go!
    I just read something about this game on this site but I can't remember where--

    Can anyone help me PRONTO???!!! Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

  • I'm so in love with this time of year. Well, no wonder... I love the person who is the "reason for the season". We have a tradition of searching out that "perfect" Christmas tree at a local Christmas tree farm every year. We found, what seemed to be, the ONE yesterday! We cut it down and brought it home. After getting it home we realized that it was more crooked than a dog's hind leg! (Please, excuse the expression.) After some... doctoring up... it looks great. I spent my whole day today decorating inside. I am still looking for a way to put together a fruit decoration I've seen. It is placed above your front door and it has a pineapple in the center, apples and leaves. I want to make one of these and put a spot light on it.

    My four boys have their own little trees in their bedrooms and one in our Den. I decorate in a primitive/country style and they like the colored lights that blink, etc. They're all up in their rooms sleeping now with their trees on.

    Happy decorating everyone. ~Merry CHRISTmas!

  • I started putting up my decorations the Monday before Thanksgiving week (10 days before the holiday) We went out of town for the holiday and left Monday evening and returned Sat. night. If I had waited since Thanksgiving is so late this year, it would have really thrown me off. I took me the better part of a week to put everything up inside and then do the outside as well. We have a neighborhood lighting party the week after Thanksgiving weekend so that gives everyone a chance to put up their decorations. If it takes me that long to put it up, I want to make sure that it is worth it. Even though it is up, we don't turn anything on until after thanksgiving. Have fun decorating!!!
  • We are going to start putting our Xmas decorations today...I found a good place for the tree this year, which tends to be a problem in a small home. lol

    Not sure if we will put up outside lights, so much snow to climb in! Gee, I should just leave them up on the house all the time! lol

    I think I will invest in some new tree lights...last year the lights were a problem but they are very old...20 yrs. (gee...I shouldn't complain)

    Have a good time decorating!

  • As December is now upon us, it seems everyone in our neighbourhood has put up their outdoor lights and turned them on. My 7yr old and I go for a walk around our block, and look at all the different lights and decorations before bedtime. We love this time of year, the evenings are so warm and quiet.... except for Camerons oohs and aahs.
    Love it!!
  • Decorations up
    The day after Thanksgiving my dh and grandchildren and I put our decorations up. We only have a small fiber optic tree in the living room with miniature decorations and similiar ones in the grandkids bedrooms (for when they come to visit). My major decorating is the approx 50 give or take Santa ornaments. The lights I got to put on the deck last year are still in the plastic crate sitting on the deck. Hubby will never put them up. lol

    Here's a snap of some of my Santa stuff. When I was a youngster my mom told me as long as I believed in Santa Claus he would always be with me. I still believe in the Spirit of Santa.


  • decorations and believing
    Our main tree is trimmed mostly in BIG angels and silver/clear smaller angels and few other things. Nativity's everywhere. I too still believe in the spirit of Santa. Love your display. The lights on our trees are clear and blue only. God bless all,.
  • Pag36
    I'm real easy to buy for at Christmas. Just get me a Santa anything. One of my favorite Santa things is a little pillow with Santa checking his list and it says, "Yep! You were nice! Oh, Wait..... That's not you."

    Hugs, Linda
  • Ladyinmaille, I am a snowman collecter, I don't have that many yet but I try to add to them at least every chance I get...I really like the primitive snowmen....My hubby made me a large one out of landscape timbers...I love it! It was my Xmas gift many years ago...he is starting to show his age, the snowman that is! lol

    You have a fantastic Santa collection....I love seeing all the stockings too! What a fine tradition you have. Just think down thru the years, that tradition will go on! What a great gift you have given your children!

  • Response to Help from Mari
    Just wanted to let you know, I didn't ignore your plea for help but didn't know the rules of the exchange idea. Hope you found help.