Do you set out cookies and milk for Santa?

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View Poll Results: Do you set out cookies and milk for Santa?
Of course!
I leave something else for him....what?
I used to when the kids where younger but not now
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  • I've heard through the grapevine that Santa really likes cookies!

    Do you set out cookies and milk for him -- or not? If not, do you leave him something else?


  • I did when the kids were little, but if I'd set them out now, Santa would never get them cuz hubby would eat them all before Santa got here!
  • My mom always did and I did when the kids were little.
  • My grandkids leave out cookies and milk/ also candy for Santa.....Carrots for the reindeer's.....Poppy Santa eats the cookies and Grammy Claus gets the chocolate! Nobody wants the
  • Use to when mine were little and the grands were younger. I would not want the carrots either Caroline
  • I did when Joshua was little..........still have the notes he left Santa too. LOL
  • Connie, that's great that you still have his notes to Santa. That will be something to show your grandkids someday. I have a few ornaments that my kids made for me. I put them on the tree every year.
  • He is my only child, Minny, you would be surprised how much of his stuff I still have. LOL
  • Connie, It's great you save these things. I have Christmas notes/crafts and cards from both my kids and now I'm saving Christmas things my 6 grandkids have made for me and poppy. They are only young once and by saving these things I'm saving so many wonderful memories.......
  • Connie, I wouldn't be surprised if you have every little thing he ever made, wrote or said. I know how I was with my kids.. saved alot of their stuff, but over the years alot has gotten lost or destroyed. I gave some of the things to the kids to keep for their kids.

    Caroline is right... memories are saved when you keep all those things.