Do you set out cookies and milk for Santa?

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View Poll Results: Do you set out cookies and milk for Santa?
Of course!
I leave something else for him....what?
I used to when the kids where younger but not now
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  • Both of you ladies are sooooooooooo right. He thinks I am too sentimental, LOL, he will understand when he has kids. HAHAHAHA!!!
  • YES!! he will understand once he has children of his own. I think it is great that you have saved all this stuff
  • Same as everyone else. I did when they were little but not now. Haven't done that in a long time.
  • I did when the kids were small, and then when I was raising the gd's. John liked the idea so when the girls were not with me he still wanted me to do it.
    This yr, not sure what will occur, if I with the gd's of course it will be out.
    If I'm not, who knows.
  • Used to up until about 5yrs ago, we'd leave a couple of biscuits out and a note to say that the drink is in the fridge, because it would get warm on a hot summer night and nothing worse than a warm drink LOL

    I still have the boys To Santa letters, I showed the letters to the boys last year, was funny
  • I have done it off and on. I did last year for MAD's first Christmas here. How silly.

    I dont think I will this year.

  • I do as usually some of my Grandkids are here Christmas morning and all of them still believe in Santa, well except for maybe two of them... Of course I may add that they are usually "Santa's" favorite kind though! Ha-Ha!
  • I used to when my kids were little and kept the plate and mug I used so long my son has the plate and mug and his kids leave cookies and chocolate milk for

    Smiles & Hugs...
  • Theresa, what a wonderful tradition.. hopefully the plate will be passed on through the generations. It would be a family heirloom!
  • Minny the Plate and Mug are 30 years old...when my oldest daughter was born that's when I started leaving out the milk and cookies for Santa and she did not want the plate and mug for her kids but my son did so that is why he has it and not my oldest daughter...

    Have no idea why she never wanted them...but my son loves doing the same tradition with his children...and hopefully the tradition will pass on to his grandchildren one day...

    Smiles & Hugs...