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  • For me personally I have material ornaments that my A-mom made for our family tree when I was a child... however after my MIL's passing in 2011, my DH and I inherited his grandmother's red cotton table runner's, and my DH, he has ornaments he made for him mom when he was a child.
  • I have ornaments that were my grandmother's. They are over 71 yrs old.
  • We have an ornament from my MIL that was on her tree when my husband was a youngster. She passed away 16 years ago. It is plastic with a nativity scene inside of it. And then I have one from 1982 when DH got out of the Navy with Santa on it from Hallmark.

  • We have several that belonged to dh's parents that they bought when he was little, late 50's early 60's. 2 are clear plastic bulbs with a elf in each one. There is a small red plastic santa ornament from the early 60's I'd say and alot of her glass bulbs from that same time frame,they sure made them pretty back then and Made In America.

  • Hard to find an ornament today that is made in
    I have some German ones of course made in Germany they
    were my dear hubby's. I treasure them
  • DH and I both have glass ornaments from our Grandmothers. He also has a few that were his Great-grandmothers at least 70 yrs old.

  • Wow Roberta

    Would love to see those.

  • The ones I have that were my grandmothers are also glass. I treasure those. As I said in my post above they are over 71 yrs old.
  • My most treasured ornaments after the things my kids have made, are glass balls that a friend painted various things like snowmen or cabbage patch kids for Jenn when she was little.
    A few years after that he was murdered.
  • I started making ornaments when my middle dd was 1 so she could touch and not get hurt. She is now 45 and they are still hanging on the tree along with aall my dkids made and now my dgd