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  • I have two glass bells and a lantern ornament that was my grandmothers. They are pre-world war two ornies. Don't know exactly what year they were made. Also have a number of ornies that were my mother's from the 1940's and 50's.
  • I have my "stuffed" tree out again this year and the ornies from my MIL on tree along with one that belonged to my dear friends Mom I called her Granny Smith even tho' she was no relation to me except in the heart. Gloria called me the other day to see if I would be home and brought it to me. It is an old fashioned looking Santa and very special to me as was Granny Smith
  • I have a bird that was my mom's when she was a child that a elderly lady gave her. It must be about 100 years old. It looks like a real bird as far as the shape and has the material like fibric optics for a tail. It's very special to me. the 2nd is the cor-sarge my dh gave me on our first date 22 years ago.I saved it and put it on our tree every year
  • Joyce what a wonderful tradition you have been doing. Merry Christmas to all

  • I have the stable from my momís nativity set. All my ornaments are homemade or gifts. I made a bunch 40 years ago so my little 1 could touch them and not get hurt. She is 42 now. I also have all the ones the kids made over the years
  • I have a wax Christmas tree ornament, from when I lived in Germany, I got it when I was 12, hard to believe it is 33 years old.
  • I have never seen a wax ornie. Ornies sure can bring back memories.
  • Merry Christmas all.

    On my mantel, I have a Santa Claus that was my mothers. It is made of some kind of metal, and has a windup on the bottom that plays Here comes Santa Claus. I just love it. I also have a "black" Santa on my tree, that my ds made when he was about 4. It is a toilet paper roll, and for some reason he coloured the santa suit black on it, it is really hilarious and wouldn't miss putting it on the tree. I have a paper chain of about 6 chains to represent all of the paper chains we had when the kids were young, and making them, and an ornament tree dd made at age 7 with macaroni shells and then varnished, it is quite pretty. My sis has a lot of the ornaments we had on our tree as kids, like the bubble lights.
  • I have some ornaments that belonged to my grandmother from the 50's and those are the oldest. I also have the ornaments my children have made through the years, the oldest being 18 and in the Navy this year.
    I just love sentimental ornaments and seeing them each year.
  • I am sentimental also, got 2 more that mean a lot to me today. Pinky & hubby as well as my son Kenny came today and she brought me two Pug ones, one is a wood cut out one and says I love Pugs the other one is a brown pug with Christmas hat on my Panda is brown or tan color so they look just like her. I have one that was given to me 15 yrs ago after I lost my hubby with his name on it that I will always cherish. Yep I am for sure sentimental.