Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?

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I'm working on it now
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  • Yup, I have mine up now. It smells sooooooooo good and it is gorgeous. Now to put up all the boxes. LOL
  • The grandkids decorated before they went to bed. Then dd redecorated the tree once they were sleeping. She's still working on it and it looks great! The grandkds never realize the tree has be done over. lol
  • DO you?
    We put ours up the first saturday in Dec or if the 1st is mid week the sat before.
  • My ds1's birthday is Dec 12th and we always set our tree up after that day to help keep his birthday separate from Christmas but this year he is away at college so we may set it up earlier.
  • I usually don' t put mine up til 2 weeks before Christmas.
  • This year our tree will go up the week before Thanksgiving. Dh wants to go visit his folks since dd#1 has plans that don't include us. This will be the first Thanksgiving I haven't cooked for nearly 25 years!
    Would rather stay here but will go unless ds can come up with something..... Keep you fingers crossed!

  • This year the Christmas tree will go up the day after Thanksgiving. I hope to have all the outdoors decorated a few days before Thanksgiving. This is getting an early start so we can enjoy the holiday.
  • Ours will go up the day after Thanksgiving.
    For the first time in 9 1/2 yrs I will not be working in retail that day. And no way am I shopping on Black Friday.
  • Sharon, it must be such a relief to you not to have to work on a holiday or the day before or after a holiday. I hope this year you have the best, most relaxing holiday season ever!
  • Gee...Can I put my Christmas tree up now... I wish I could put the tree up now...but will wait until after Halloween...