Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?

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I'm working on it now
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  • Nearly all of our outdoor fairy lights are up and ready to go on.
    Counting down the few days left before putting the tree up on saturday
  • Patti, we do the same thing you do. We won't put our tree up until after Dec. 12 which is ds1's birthday. We try to make sure to keep his birthday separate from Christmas. But we also leave it up until after New Years. Dh would leave it up till spring if he had his way. I once went to visit his family for spring break from college and their tree was still up! (they weren't lighting it anymore, though LOL) We go to a farm and cut our own tree. They give us a hay ride down to the trees, let us cut our own, give us the ride back and then there is free hot cocoa or cider. It is really a fun tradition.
  • LOL Sammi Christmas of 86 my beloved Otto put up a tree and asked David (his son NOW mine too) to take it down couple days after New Years. David kept putting it off and it was still up at Easter when this ole gal got tired of seeing it over there and went and took it down AND I PUT EVERYTHING ON DAVID'S BED believe me he then put it where it belonged. He never left one up again as he knew what I would do even if Dad wouldn't. Sweet aren't I?
  • I never use to put my tree up until the first weekend of Dec. All of that changed when I went to work full-time. Now the girls and I get our decorations up the Friday after Thanksgiving and then everything comes down on New Years day. This is the system that works best for me, so the decorations get put up and it doesn't become a dragged out process.
  • For me our tree is already up and i have all my decorations out too,.Plus i have already been buying some of the small gifts and wrapping them up too.Just trying to stay as organized as i can.

  • Well I did get the tree up and decorated and the out side done, but I still have to get the rest of the house done and get the boxes out of the family room.
  • I have my 3 outside inflatables up & running, but still need to get all the lights on the bushes & other outside decorations out. All the stockings are hung by the fireplace. Christmas doormat is out, and I'm getting in the mood. Won't get my tree for another week. I like a fresh cut Frazier, about 6-7 ft. tall. I usually get it at Home Depot & I always wait until the 2nd batch of trees is delivered so I know it will be fresh & last until the end of the year. So many of you are so far ahead of me! I've got to get myself in high gear! LOL
  • Our tree went up after the dishes were done Thanksgiving day. The kids really like to help put the ornaments on, and dd #1 usually has one or more grounded for something or other. So, its easier to do it Thanksgiving day. The guys do dishes and bring in the tree, we decorate it (pre-lit tree) while the guys go up and watch football.
    I have a LOT of ornies and you can't get tired of looking at them cuz I move them from time to time. Also its nice to watch TV by the lower light.....cozy.
    If we still lived in OR I'd have to wait since we'd have a live tree, but down here an artificial tree is safer (and cleaner). I just wish it smelled as good as a live tree without having to buy one of the methods to reproduce that smell.

  • I, too, LOVE the smell of a real tree, but my Grinch hubby bought a fake one. And those fake scents do NOT come close to real trees.
  • I was in a BIG mess for 3 days. boxes of Christmas decorations every ware. This year I gave some away and some went in the trash. I have way to many decorations, I only kept the good ones I really love! Still have enough for 3 houses. LOL.....The whole inside is finished except the tree which will go up this week-end. Dh will decorate outside with my help. We have lots of lights and different types of decorations for the lawn. It's begining to look a lot like Christmas everywhere!! Hugs...