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DisneyDel 11-19-2005 08:52 AM

Anyone decorate yet?
Has anyone decorated for the Holidays yet? :cmas1: :cmaskiss:

Inside and/or outside? :snowgrin:

Any particular type of themed decorating? :hmmm:

Share some ideas with me! PLEASE!?! :shrug2:

jrztomato 11-19-2005 10:37 AM

Usually start with the outside lights on Thanksgiving afternoon and then the rest the day to get my manger and village up so that I can enjoy them throughout December...

Amanda 11-19-2005 10:42 AM

I voted other because I always start the day after Thanksgiving :snowing: :ctree: :cold: :cane:

shirley12 11-19-2005 01:03 PM

Decorating for the Holidays
I start putting up my Christmas decorations on the saturday following Thanksgiving. It usually takes me a week. I decorate every room in my home (including the bathrooms). Then we move to the outside and start the outside decorations. :clause:

ladyIris23 11-19-2005 01:56 PM

My hubby put the outside lights on the house 2 weeks ago on a bright sunny warm day. But, we won't turn them on until the day after thanksgiving. Inside I decorate the friday and Sat after thnaksgiving except for our tree. we will buy a tree the first Sat. in Dec.

Nchilada5 11-19-2005 02:39 PM

:2cents:I usually leave all my autumn decorations up through Thanksgiving weekend and then by the time they are all down and put away it's the 1st of December. Then my children and I decorate the house and check the ornies :ornie: and lights from the year before to make sure everything is okay and then we anxiously await the 2nd weekend in December which is when we get our tree.:ctree: I love decorating for the holidays!! :clause: :cmaspres:

Sapphire 11-19-2005 04:32 PM

I voted other because we usually begin on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Usually we put the tree up, but this year we are doing a real tree & will put it up later. I haven't had a real tree in years & am looking forward to the "smell" of Christmas each morning.

I love to decorate for the holidays too. I'm getting excited about putting things up. I love outside lights but hubby isn't all that eager to put them up since it's kinda difficult to get to the places outside to do them, but we'll see.

My favorite place to decorate is the kitchen. I want to have a small tree in there this year. I've already been playing my Christmas music.

gkp1031 11-19-2005 05:27 PM

We didn't start decorating yet, usually the lights go up outside after Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if we're going to get a tree this year, we really aren't home enough to enjoy it, the cats seem to enjoy it more than we do!!!

barbszy 11-19-2005 06:15 PM

We decorate gradually in our house. We like to create a sense of anticipation of the holiday. If we're completely ready for Christmas right after Thanksgiving, we're tired of it by Christmas! :ctree:

NOTHING begins until the first Sunday of Advent which is usually the Sunday following Thanksgiving. On that day we take out the Advent wreath and the manger scene. We do not put the people or animals in the manger scene yet. We leave it empty for the whole month.

The second Sunday of Advent, we decorate the house--but NOT the Christmas tree.

The third Sunday of Advent we decorate the Christmas tree.

Outdoor decorations get done when the weather cooperates. We only hang lights on the roof, and a wreath on the door.

phyllsplace 11-19-2005 07:01 PM

We still have our Halloween stuff up. How sad is that?:goof:

I don't think that I ever decorate for Thanksgiving. I don't have anything to decorate with anyway.

For Christmas it always just depends on my mood. Sometimes it's right after Thanksgiving and sometimes it's a couple of days before Christmas.

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