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Darla253 11-23-2005 07:03 PM

I put my tree up tonight to save time and will get after the lights tomorrow night when I get back. IF I'm not too full......

DisneyDel 11-24-2005 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by Vrsherren
:cloud9: I sneek a few things in with my fall the day before Thanksgiving. We have Thanksgiving dinner @1p.m. and when we're done the guys do dishes while we girls relax (we cooked!) After dishes the guys put the tree up and lights and the rest of us put on Christmas music and decorate the trees. The guys go upstairs to dh's cave and watch football and everyone is happy!:cheer: By Sunday all my Christmas is up.............and I have a LOT of Christmas stuff!

We start taking it down 12/31 and it usually takes a week.

What a great idea!:coolsnow:

I think I'll steal it for this year!:gimmee: :neener:


Pag36 11-26-2005 09:15 AM

Well our Christmas tree (picture of it on photo thread) was up day before T-Day but normally not till then or on Friday.

We have since put up several mangers as we love them. Not sure what I will be doing next year as will be in diff house from Gina time will tell. Happy decorating guys

apldumplin 11-26-2005 09:38 AM

Christmas decorating
We usually begin decorating the 1st or 2nd week of December.Hubby thinks it is too early if we push it before then,lol.Besides,ya kind of get tired of cleaning around it all by Jan1st anyway. I usually begin by decorating my 3 pine trees(bought all 3 in a set at Walmart for 29.00) with a different theme per tree.The 4 foot has snowmen,5foot has gingerbread men and the 3 foot has various decorations in my daughters room.ABout 2 weeks before Christmas we put up the big tree in the livingroom.I slowly put out knick knack decorations and candles,too.For me,decorating lasts all month long.I love to keep the suspense and make it different everyday:cmas1: And of course,all my wonderful Christmas cards are put up....those from FC and family/friends,too. :ginger: Just enjoy the holidays and decorate in a way that makes you and your family happy :minisnow:


WinterSmiles 11-27-2005 12:26 PM

My young son started pulling the decorations out and putting them up on Thanksgiving Day. He was so excited, it was nice to hear his laughter. :minitree:

sandieluvsbears 11-28-2005 06:43 AM

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:winter: LOL Kim, a few of my Xmas bears snuck out of their storage totes on Thanksgiving too! I checked "other" also, because I start the weekend after Thanksgiving and will be done by this weekend, I have all my Xmas bears out and they are all sitting on one of the love seats, and one of the recliners, and some still on the floor ready to jump out of their storage totes,lol,now I have to put them all in their right places, which in my case is Xmas teddies in everyroom of the house, including both bathrooms,lol. I put my Xmas outdoor flag (a SantaBear) out (or I should say dh put it up for me yesterday) and our porch back door is all decorated, and all my teddy window clings and suncatchers are up, today I will do the indoor lights, and get the bears settled, and bring out my teddy bear manger, and all the other "animated" teddy things. I have to move furniture around also so may wait for dh to help with that. I love decorating for Xmas, I HATE taking things down and putting them away. I did one thing Im sorry for last year, when I put the lights away I didnt untangle them, lol, now I dont know whther to spend a frustrating hour untangleing them or just buy new ones, I saw come cute ones in the Xmas Tree shop, and surprise surprise they are shaped like teddy bears, okay I just talked myself into getting them,they werent that expensive,lol.

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