Toddler Parties

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  • goody bags
    YEAH I hate those things. They usually are filled with junk or "games" that don't work anyway. Just junky fillers so they can say they gave goody bags. Who invented them anyway???
    don't the kids get enough junk as it is?!

    My nephew gave me the same spiel a couple years ago wah wah wah where's my bag...and he was 8 at the time!

    Well ok I forgot; dd#2 got one from her first friend party she attended this year. The mom went all out with cool barbie stuff-way overboard though. You could tell she was new at the party thing
  • I have to agree with Leighann, I think that youll do just fine with all of the plans that youve made already. Now, make sure to relax and enjoy it too!