Indoor Beach Party

  • My DD wants a "Can't Wait for Summer" birthday party. It's January....we won't be able to go outside and do regular summer party things.

    Guests will be 8 and 9 year old girls.

    We plan on asking them to wear shorts or swimsuits (we'll turn up the heat) and bring a beach towel. Those will be spread out on the "beach" in the family room.

    They will play "Beach Volleyball" with bright colored balloons.

    Music will be Beach Boys, maybe with a game of Freeze Dance too.

    Haven't thought about the food yet, and the decorations may be a challenge this early in the year.

    Any suggestions would be welcomed as we plan this event!
  • Here's a few ideas that I came up with:

    Paint an ocean mural --use butcher paper and cut into waves, then paint blue.

    Go to a party store to find a big sun--or create one!

    You can find pails at the Dollar stores now for Easter......use them for everything from serving food to goodie bags. You could fill the goodie pails with shiny, glittery nail polish and lip gloss, dollar store sunglasses that you've embelleshed with Rhinestones or jewels. They could even tie-dye their own t-shirt bathing suit coverups.

    Make a beach.....Dont forget the sea shells!
    Spread out beach towels on the floor
    Use a plastic pool and lawn chairs to complete the whole "look" ( If you are going to fill the pool with water or sand, use garbage bags under the beach towels for added protection.

    Other games: beach blanket bingo and horse shoes or ring toss ( can frugally make your own ring toss game).

    If you have room, get a couple of hula hoops and have a contest.

    (I can never remember the name of this next game) You have a stick that you dance under and move it lower and lower. ????

    Found this idea: Tropical fruit punch with tiny umbrellas in the cups.

    I'll work on some food and easy decoration ideas.

    Beach food sounds like hot dogs, chips and a drink to me but there might be cuter ideas out there too!

    I wish that I was able to have cool parties like this now!! We didnt have these when I was growing up.

  • If you want to get a little crazy, this site has some really cute stuff:

    I like the keychain water squirters.
  • More decorating Ideas......

    Look for free beach poster at AAA offices

    More goodie bag ideas:

    Colored sand art in bottles OR Oriental Trading Co. had sand art necklaces

    Make beaded necklaces

    Give gold foil chocolate coins for beach treasures


    Blue colored drinks in pretty glasses w/ little umbrellas

    beach ball shaped cake made out of 2 round bowls that you bake the cake in. Surround the cake with cookie crumb sand and add fish shaped sugar cookies too. Could even go way out and make blue jello for water to add the fish to.

    Goldfish crackers

    Ice cream sundae bar

    fruit smoothie bar


    Barb, I just realized that you said the party was in January......did you have the party already? If so, how did it go?

  • Yes, we had it last week.

    We got a pair of plain plastic sunglasses for each girl and a bunch of paint pens. They decorated their glasses.

    They also made tissue-paper "tropical flowers."

    We played Limbo, Pass the Coconut, "Toss the Lifesaver to the drowning lego man" (if it lands in the bowl where the man is you get 5 points, if it lands on the blue construction paper you get 1 point), Balloon Beach Volleyball, and lots of Freeze Dance to the Beach Boys.

    They all brought beach towels and spread them on the floor.
  • Sounds like they had a good time!

    I like the idea of making tissue paper flowers.