Police Themed Party Ideas

  • Arts & Crafts

    To make a policeman's hat, cut a strip of paper about 4 inches wide and
    paste or staple it together, end to end, so that it just fits the head. Then cut a
    circle to fit as top and tape into place. The visor front can be cut to fit and
    taped into place. Paint the had a dark blue and add a gold badge at the front
    and a little bit of braid made from thing rope or cord painted gold.

    Badges are made from foil covered cardboard shapes

    We make police radios out of either bath soap boxes and a straw for the
    antennae. For the speaker we use a circle of foil. The box is painted black.

    Take fingerprints with ink or by using sticky tape.

    Mug Shots
    On a piece of card stock we wrote:
    Eye color___
    Most wanted for___ i.e. "being too cute"
    And left an area for finger prints.
    Then we attached a "mug shot" (both front and side view) of each child.
    The children held up a cookie tray with magnetic letters on it that
    spelled their name as well as an ID number.
    We gave the parents the original copy and a photocopy went to the police
    station and another got put together to make a class book.

    If doing this with children other than your own, make sure that you
    receive written permission from their parents first.

    Games & Activities

    Have a policeman come in for a visit. Show the police car too.

    Setting the Scene
    We turned the house corner area into a police station which was quite easy -
    put bars on the window using cardboard tubes, made a desk for the officer, put
    crime safety posters on the walls, and had police uniforms and accessories out. Kids just love role-playing when they have proper uniforms.

    Field Trip
    Take the children on a field trip to visit a police station or arrange for a police
    officer to come to your childcare facility with his car for the children to see.
    Allow the children to see the officer in uniform and have them talk to the children
    about who are strangers.

    Important Information
    Teach the children their name phone number, address, and emergency
    numbers and when and where these are appropriate to use and when not to.

    Ask the children what they think the police might do and how they would
    recognize a police person on the street. Record their answers.

    from Childfun .com