Walls R Us: Wall Decorations

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    Itís all at Walls R Us!

    Decorating has just gotten easy and fun to do!

    Artisan created self-adhesive WALL CUT OUTS (not wallpaper) for any room - babyís nursery, childís room, play room, bedroom, library, pediatricís office, veterinaryís office, pre-K, after school care, hospital, etcÖ

    Walls R Us wall stickers can transform any room into something special in just a matter of minutes! Let your imagination go and use our wall decorations of the imagination! View our Wall Decorating Ideas/Showcases to help you create stimulating and fun arrangements for your walls!

    Dogs, cats, unicorns, mermaids, ponies, are just a few of the many categories that we have in production.

    Visit their website for a large variety of designs!


  • Those are so cool...I am checking out their website...

    Thanks Amanda...
  • I wish that I could've found plane stickers like this when my son was little since his dad actually worked on two of the planes that they have. He would've been thrilled.

    It would be nice to see more choices for girls.