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Lifestar 02-02-2004 07:28 PM

Tami..Thanks for saying thanks! That's so nice ...

Ladies... I know certification courses are expensive... especially through the Red Cross... You might want to see if your local volunteer corps, cooperative extension, or BOCES is offering a class. They might offer a class at a discount.

You don't have to get a CPR card ( which costs $5.00 paid directly to the issuing agency) You can decline it...

The Red Cross is a money making organization. It charges a lot for it's programs. The Heart Association is different... It allows it's instructors to set individual fees, and a Heart Association course can be offered for free, or for a sliding scale if the instructor chooses.
So you might want to call the American Heart Association chapter in your area, and explain that you are looking for a low-cost refresher course . They might be able to give you a referal.

I was an instructor for both agencies. I liked to teach Heart Association CPR and Red Cross First Aid. The Heart Association course can be tailored to meet the needs of the class rather than having to go through the whole course like you'd have to do with the Red Cross program... It's also "Instructor lead", rather than "Video lead", I always liked to do the teaching myself... I'm a ham.:-D

As far as the whole thing of getting involved with strangers and being prepered to protect yourself from diseases...

In my opinion...if you even THINK you might EVER help a stranger.. (EVEN A CHILD).. You NEED to carry a mouth to mouth barrier device with you at all times. ...

I use something called an "Ambu-Key". I'm not a spokes-person, I don't sell their product.. It's just the best thing I have found to make sure I always have something with me.

It's a little 1-inch square velcro pouch that hangs on my key-ring and in it is a simple to use barrier device. It cost me about $5.00 six years ago, and I have never had to use it :rolleyes: Thank G-d. This is the link to the company's catalog page... I couldn't see the picture on my computer..maybe you can.

Anyway... Please let me know If I start to sound "preachy" at all... I really do miss teaching these classes for families... I used to teach at homes, businesses, schools, camps, shurches... all kinds of settings. It was always different and I met a lot of great people.

I hope any of you who are looking for a class will be able to find one without too much trouble...


mom2-4 02-03-2004 11:01 AM

Thanks for all the information Val, now if only I could find the time to take a refresher course. Are you going to be in my area any time soon?:-D

Irish Angel 08-09-2007 10:08 AM

I am hoping to particpate in a local Red Cross disaster training.
In a post 9-11 world and with all of the things that seem to be going on I think its really important to know basic first aid and CPR!

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